Little Man’s Disease.

I remember when I was a bouncer, the big guys rarely gave me any problems. It was the little guys that caused me most of my grief. Either they thought maybe they had something to prove, or they were just generally bigger assholes. I don’t know which.

One time I was in one of those wild west bar brawls, and a little guy grabbed my throat. It took a second to register what he was trying to do because I’m 6’5″ , probably pushing 400lbs or more. This guy was 5 foot, maybe 120lbs, or so.  So he grabs my throat, and like I said for a second just looked at him, then started laughing, and said, “What the hell do you think your doing?” His hands were around my throat, but he wasn’t doing anything, not even a loss of breath. He just looked at me with this look of horror. I punched him so hard, he went down and out.

Why am I telling you this.  North Korea said they wanted to wipe us off the map. I think they got a serious case of Little Man’s Disease.


2 Responses to “Little Man’s Disease.”

  1. If they have nukes, then they are a serious threat. Just imagine the little guy pulling a gun on you instead of grabbing your throat.

  2. theerivs Says:

    Well that actually happened guy was a little bigger. There’s a story there, but I was in a bad place, and what I did was quite suicidal in nature. So I won’t go into it.

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