Remember the Time

Ok I like Micheal Jackson, he’s a little bit of a freak, but he made some decent music. Here’s the thing though that is quite irritating, It’s like people are acting as if a saint died. Ok he’s dead do we need tributes, and day long M.J. music marathon. I don’t hate the guy, so I won’t say anything bad. When your that famous, and have that much money, and power I think it will make you a little goofy. Was he a pediophile? I don’t know for sure so I won’t condemn a man who was never proven guilty.  I’ll give him a Rest in Peace, and move on.

I took the Microsoft Test Yesterday, All I got to say is epic fail on my part.  I took Windows Server 2008:Active Directory, Configuring test 70-640. Which means it’s mostly background server stuff, it isn’t the day to day operations of things. Well in the past a MS test was like 45-60 questions, multiple choice, pretty easy.

What they gave me was nothing of the sort. They gave me a prototype test they just started. 2 Lab tests, and then 30 questions. The Labs were an hour each with a laundry list things to do. I did most of them, and I don’t think I did that bad, but I knew I forgot something. Also they had 30 questions. Now my biggest weakness is Certificates, which is about 15% of what I need to know on this test, 11 of the 30 questions guess what it was on, yep that’s right Certificates. 

Really no one to blame for failing but me, I was underprepared. I tried to get the test in by the end of the June because it was free. Not making excuses, just letting others know that might be taking these tests that never took them. This is the wave of the future, these lab tests. Which I think is a good thing, tests your knowledge better. This test though is so new, they can’t even tell me where I screwed up, or even if I truly indeed failed. They are going to review it, and let me know if they reverse the score.

For now I may have failed, but it was a complete loss. I learned what the test was about. I will be more prepared next time. It’s not really something I HAVE to do, I just want to do it. It looks great on the resume, but I have so many years experience doing this it’s sick. I’ll head back into the breach mid August. July there are too many distractions that will be happening.

My Dad cracked me up yesterday he goes, “Hmm maybe I don’t want you fixing my computer, since you didn’t pass.” I replied, ” Well if I ever need to find the postalCode attribute to allow replication of it, I’ll pay for someone else to fix it.”


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3 Responses to “Remember the Time”

  1. This post lacks both boobs and ass thus you have epic failed again.

  2. Upon further review, you have passed Blogging 101.

  3. You guys are crazy. Although I’ll admit, I’d sell my own mother to have a body like that. LOL

    On another note…Riv, don’t beat yourself up about the test. I don’t normally tell people this but it took me five times to pass my Real Estate Licensing test. I was in business for 6 years prior as a receptionist, office manager and assistant to the owner/broker so I thought, “this should be a breeze.” Guess what? I was wrong. It was honestly one of the hardest tests I’ve ever taken in my life. I guess my point is that if you want something bad enough you just have to keep trying. Some times it will take a few tries but eventually you will get it right. It has nothing to do with how competent you are as a computer tech, we all know you know what you are doing. Some people just aren’t good test takers… myself included. Hope you have a good weekend!

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