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Picture of the Week for Mike

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I chose Jennifer Aniston, cause I think she’s hot, and funny…and hot.



Not much to say.

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A friend of mine passed. Not much I can say cause I really don’t know how he passed, but I will not bother the family. I’m sure they will tell me in due time.  I’m still in shock cause I just saw him. He was a good guy, and he always made me laugh when I did see him. Fare thee well Dante, wherever you fare.

I stumbled upon a real great website that made me really think. It’s called Unenlightened Philosophy, and here’s the post that made me really think. I’ll comment more on it next week.

There is probably no bigger movie that had an impact on my young life like Tron. It came out in 1982, my grandmother took me to go see it at the old Colony Theatre in Chicago. Ever since then I’ve been in love with all things computer. Well I just saw a new trailer, and let me say I could hardly contain my erection. Awesome is coming.


Ye Old Renaissance Faire

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#1 wants to go the Renaissance faire.  The last time I went was a few years ago, and I enjoyed myself immensely. There was knife throwing, turkey leg eating, beer, and wenches.

Two Highlights of the last time I went. Was the the tomato throwing guy. There’s this guy who you get to throw tomatoes at, he sits there and insults you. It’s pretty funny. Well I don’t throw very well. That’s why I never play baseball or softball, and I was a lineman for football always. I wasn’t going to do it, because i know I suck. Then the guy screams as I walk past, “Did Jupiter just cross the Sun?”

Oh really, I’ll take some tomatoes. Yea I hit him once it was a good shot, and well worth it, he insulted me some more. It was all in good jest. I really had a good time.

The other incident at the Faire that year. Was I use to work with a guy, in the day. A sort of work friend we’ll call him Mitch. Cause I actually worked with a Bob too, so i don’t want people confused.  So I told my friends at work I was going to the Faire. Another friend of mine, pulled me aside and said, “Look for Mitch!”  I was like, “Why?, I didn’t know he was going?”  My friend is like, “Don’t mention your going, just look for him there, just trust me.”  This friend of mine being my ace compadre I did just that.

So at the Faire I kept an eye out for Mitch. Lo and behold it was well worth it. There was Mitch in all his faire glory dressed in tights, and some other Rennassiance gear, with his girlfriend dressed to the Rennassiance 9’s as well.  I practically ran up to him, as I’m trying not to pee on myself from laughing, and yelled, “HI MITCH!!!”  Mitch turned to look at me, and with a look almost of fear said, ” Hey what’s going on, I didn’t know you were coming here.”  I replied, ” Oh yes, I’m here. Why what a fanciful costume you have on Mitch.”  After some more ribful jesting on my part, Mitch explained to me his girlfriend is totally into this, and that he does it just to appease her.  I tell Mitch that’s it’s ok, and I won’t make fun of him too much……Ok for the two weeks after that I called him Lord Fancypants.  That’s it though. I swear.

Not that I find anything wrong with dressing up for these events, no in fact I probably would too. But choose your dress according.  For Guys..Armor is cool,  Tights not so much.  For Women anything that makes your boobs stick out is really fine by me.

Through Chaos comes Knowledge

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This is a motto of mine. I’ve said it before, on here and elsewhere. I think I explained it once or twice before, but I feel it’s been awblacklegionbadgehile I need to revisit it.

Chaos for lack of a better word in my mind is when things in your life seem in upheaval. When you feel your life sucks, that everything around you is a swirling vortex of shit.

One of these times is when I lost my job with the CTA. I was going to follow in the footsteps of my brother, and I was doing a pretty good job too, but I had a problem, I liked to sleep too much. One thing in the CTA they dislike is tardiness. I was late 3 times, thus I was fired from the CTA. I still recieved unemployment, cause there was some dubious political bullshit on part of the CTA.  It wasn’t as simple as being late 3 times, and being fired.  Bottomline though if I wasn’t an asshat, I’d probably still be working there.

This was a rough time for me, I was unsure of my future.  I felt like I was sinking in quicksand. I kept at it, sending resumes out. I almost had a job, but because of my criminal past, I lost it.  Weeks turned into Months. Unemployment ran out, I had to get some sort of money coming in, besides Bouncing. So I took a job at Speedway gas station. It sucked ass, I was miserable, but I did what I had to do. Still pumping out resumes. I eventually got a job with Sapphire Technologies, which led me to FTD, which then led me to my current job.

In this time of Chaos, I learned alot about myself, and those around me. In everytime my life was in the dumps, I learned I had more strength then I gave myself credit for. That those who said were my friends, weren’t really. I learned that those friends I didn’t think were friends really came through for me. I learned alot about life in general. Thus came knowledge, knowledge of self and others.

Thus through Chaos, comes Knowledge.

My Lack of Faith in Doctors.

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Let me put this right out here. I have no faith in Doctors. I feel that we are no better off these days, then back in the day when they applied leeches to suck out the humours in our body.

Sure we live longer, but at what cost. Most of the people that live past 80 are no more then husks of their former self. I am not interested in life, I am interested in the quality of life. As long as I have some quality to it, I want to live. If I am in a bed 24/7, someone go ahead take me out.

My hatred for all things medical probably can be traced back to all the way when I was 2. I broke my leg, and had a cast put on, but I remember vividly the saw coming down to cut the cast off. I still have a sort of recurring nightmare about it.  Then we move on to just the bumbling medical debacles surrounding my Grandfather, my Mother, and my latest my Step Mom.  I will spare you all the intricisies of each case.  I will go over the finer points. They treated my Grandfather like a piece of meat, carving at him, and carving at him even though if they did save him he would be little more then a vegetable. My Mother I was there when they punctured her long. Lets just say if my family didn’t hold me back, there would be one less doctor in the world. My Stepmom went in for a simple procedure, ended up with a fucked up pancreas.

Medicines today do more harm then good sometimes. Health Care prices, and system is so out of whack it is no longer a laughing matter.

As for myself, I know whats wrong with me. I am acutely aware of my fucked up health situation. I got the bad news a long time ago, and I don’t need a doctor reminding me everytime I go there.

Whatever happens to me health wise, either I will live by pure strangth of will, or I will die, but I refuse to lie in a hospital bed waiting for death to come.

Super Extended Monday Hangover

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I’m back, and somewhat functional. Where did we leave off….

The Cruefest Concert was awesome.  There was Drowning Pool, and I didn’t know the lead singer from Soil took over the helm. I really liked Soil.  Theory of a Deadman was good too, but Godsmack brought it. They were awesome.  Motley Crue was good, but man Godsmack puts on one hell of a show. I gotta say I was sober for that show as well, after the show I went to the bar, and around midnight had a beer or two. I went home early.

Thursday Night, I went out for a couple beers with a Jenny. She’s a good girl, just really gets fucked up bad sometimes then I have to babysit her. She makes me laugh though. I got a little drunk, stupid Irish Car Bombs, but I was home early.

Friday, ah Friday was bad. It was Towelie’s bday, and we had an All you can Drink Special going on. The problem is I have been sick, and it is effecting me. My throat is in pain, I would have hot flashes. I would be coughing bad. So I drank alot, and though I felt better at times throughout the evening, other times I felt real bad.  Like a trooper that I am I pushed through, and drank my fill. I wasn’t my usual party animal though. By the end of the night I crashed, hard.

Saturday, was my Cousin’s bday party, and I didn’t drink too much…well until the Slivovitz made an appearance. Slivo for short is a Serbian plum brandy, though it is only 80 proof, it tastes like Gasoline, and is very strong going down. For some reason it gets you more messed up then normal 80 proof booze. I don’t quite know why. Me being part Serbian, I take Slivo very seriously, when my Uncle says were doing a shot for my grandfather who passed. We’re doing more then one thats for sure. We had to do one for my cousin, and a few more people. When it was all said and done, one shot turned into almost the whole bottle being gone.

Sunday was my day of rest, I just rested and slept to knock out this cold/disease. I watched Watchmen, what a load of crap that movie was. I didn’t like it at all.

Today I’m back to work, and feeling better. Hopefully I can take a break for a few weeks.

Whiskey Hangover

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Ok I’m back, and sick as a dog. I’m coughing unnatural stuff up. Happens when you go on a drinking binge for 5 days.  You already know about last Wednesday.

Lets start with Thursday…Dollar bottles, and cheap shots. You can’t lose. One of my favorite bartenders came out. She is hot as hell. She attacked Jackass, and gave him a little hickey. It was funny. It was the owners of Holstiens Birthday. We did more shot’s than humanly possible.  There was a group of guys that was just hammered and we started singing songs acapella.  Add to the evening a fight. It was just a booze induced weird night.

On Friday, Poor Jackass had to work. I went to the Poison/Def Leppard. Had a great time. I upgraded my seat and sat closest to the stage I’ve ever been before. I went with #1, and a couple of other Jenny’s, they get nuts when their drunk. At some points I feared for my life, like #1 was driving and they we’re jamming to Thriller which would of been cool if we didn’t almost end up in the guys ass in front of us.  After the concert, Jackass got out of work, and it was on. That’s when it became a blur…

Saturday, I took it easy only went out for a bit, and had a few beers. Saw my buddies band play at Hollstiens. Went home early for the Block Party.

Sunday..Sunday…Sunday…..It was the Tinley Park Caribbean Block Party. They close down the main street of Tinley, and set up food, games, etc.  I start drinking at 9am.  I load my trunk with booze, about 200 dollars worth. Invite all my friends back to imbibe with me. Little fuzzy at points. I did get a picture with a monkey. I got my head shaved as per tradition, but a little twist. I got the worst mohawk in the world.  I don’t remember much else. I drank alot, and too boot I didn’t finish drinking until 3am. Makes for a long day. Out of the trunk full of booze all I got is a little Capt. Morgans, and one bottle of Boonesfarm.

So 5 days of drinking, ending in the big summer bash.  I always feel a little bummed after the Block Party, because I love it so much, and now it’s gone. It marks the middle of Summer, which means the end is near.

I was thinking I should stop drinking, cause I feel like shit. Physically, and mentally. My friends really don’t think I have the willpower I believe. Saturday I said I was only going to have a few beers they laughed at me.

You know what though, like my New Theme Song – Whiskey Hangover by Godsmack mentions.  “So what if I never want to be sober. So what if I want to be numb forever”

I’m going to see them this Wednesday.  I’m going to get piss drunk.

I think this pic explains everything……


Since River forgot…

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Friday Hangover

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Day 2 of drinking. I won’t give all the details, cause I don’t remember them all.

Didn’t think Jackass was gonna show up, and he did. It was on.

I know it was the owners of Hollsteins Birthday, and I did more shots then I thought possible, about 20 guys were singing acappella in the back. There was a fight. The owner fricking helped toss the guy out, with me and a bunch of friends.

It was a great time. Tonight is Poison, Day # 3 of drinking. If I survive this week it will be a minor miracle.

River out!

Thursday Hangover

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Yep went out again last night. Ugh After Next week I’m taking a vacation from drinking.  So I started the night at a Jenny’s house, her new boyfriend was there who happens to be my friend as well. I hope it works out, cause if it doesn’t there would be much drama. My father told me once, “Never shit in your own backyard.” I try to adhere to that rule as much as possible.

Anywho from there I went to Teehans, met up with a friend, Bob. We did the Car Bombs. They were oh so delicious. Bob was already hammered, he started drinking at 2pm. So I know he was going to be in rare form.

We then went up to Hollstiens, to get my karoake fix. Did Soul Man which I think I did an ok job with, at least I was drunk enough to think I did a good job with. My friends were up there, #1, Nascar, Geek Princess, a whole slew of others. Ok and the girl I have a little bit of crush on was there too. LOL!

I had a lot of fun last night,  favorite part when me and Nascar broke out into the robot, and breakdancing.  Yeah yet again there was boob licking. I think I motorboated her too. I don’t quite remember.

So then I left around 1am, and stopped into Durbins, to get my free drinks, and talk to the bartender there the other girl I have a crush on.  Closed down Durbins rolled in around 3ish.

Woke up around 7:30am, Wierd thing is right now I feel pretty good. I’ll most likely dragging ass come 1pm though.

Tomorrow I start my vacation so the postings will be sporatic. The Tinley Park Block Party is this Sunday, I’m excited like a little schoolgirl. Gonna be some fun times, and I hope some nice pictures. LOL!