Thursday Hangover


She'll feel that this morning...and tomorrow...maybe Sunday.





What the hell?!?! A Thursday Hangover. Yep, and I am truly hurting today. I went out for a Jenny’s birthday last night at good ole JWH. 5 dollar pitchers. Alot of my friends were up there, even Jackass and #1 made it out, but I get ahead of myself.

This night I went out saying to myself, ok I’ll have a couple of pitchers, a couple of shots, and I’ll leave at midnight.

 Well a Jenny showed up, who we will now dub Nascar. Nascar is a very cool chick, very cultured, and refined….but she like’s Nascar, when I first heard it, I was like Wha? Your screwing with me. No she was serious, and not only does she like Nascar, she’s rabid about it. Like I mention another racer whom she disliked, I thought she was going to tear my throat out. Anywho Nascar was there, which was really nice. Nascar is going through a rough patch, and I love it when she has a good time. Also a buddy of mine was there, and he got hammered. I don’t think I seen this guy hammered in quite some time.  Some other Jenny’s and friends were there to celebrate this girl’s birthday.

Oh another Jenny and her fiance came out, they are really good people. This Jenny we’ll dub Tina, as in Tina Turner. I met Tina at the bar I use to work at,  she use to come up for karoake. She is one of thee best singers I heard, and she’s just fabulous person as well. So it was a real treat to see her, and see her sing as well.

Within 20 minutes of walking into the bar, I met a Jenny who was a friend of a friend. So we were chatting, and I found out she lived downtown. I asked her what she did, she replied, “I make fetish documenteries.”  I was like interesting, but the conversation got more, and more so. I found out she was bisexual. She was beautiful, and I did have a bit of a crush. Then when I was dancing with her, she took my head and placed it in her cleavage. So I motorboated her. I thought to myself, I can’t go out with a chick like this…I’ll be dead in a week. She’s a sports car chick, and I’m more of a family 4door type dude. Her type of honesty though was refreshing, I would love to get to know her better,for the simple fact I’m sure she has some awesome stories.

So after I got a few in me for liquid courage, I sang my signature song Jungle Love, by The Time. I love that band. I think my performance was ok, a little rusty, but then again I think the last time I did Karoake was 4 years ago.  I also sang Twisted Sister, my performance was a little rough on that cause my voice was killing me, but I belted it out.

As the night wore on #1 showed up, I think because her crush showed up we call him the Gootch. He’s got a tongue like the exorcist. #1 says she wasn’t going to show up, and a friend texted her saying Gootch was up there, 5 minutes later she appeared. Strange….also I found out she loves getting her ass slapped really hard. What kind of freaks do I hang with?

Jackass made an appearance as well, thats when I knew I won’t be making the midnight window of going home.

Jackass and me left JWH as they closed, and went to Durbins, well i don’t want to get anyone in trouble…but I didn’t get home until 4ish, and Durbins closes at 2am.

So yeah it’s going to be rough day…indeed.

As special treat theres a pic of someone i know, drunken injuries are the worst kind because you don’t feel them until your sober. Supposedly the person in this pic isn’t afraid of bugs, she should be afraid of maybe the ground.


16 Responses to “Thursday Hangover”

  1. Bwhahahahaha.

  2. You jerk! Just wait… you are getting a can of spiders for your birthday and a bunch of non-alcoholic beer. oh BTW, wanna go to Olive Garden for lunch today? I’m in the mood for some wine and chicken alfredo.

  3. also, that is a picture of a knee… not a butt cheek. So don’t get any weird ideas. LOL

  4. It looks like a butt cheek. Add to the fact that River talks about spanking someone and that sells the whole butt cheek story.

  5. I know it does! LOL Sorry to burst your bubble. haha.

  6. theerivs Says:

    Ahh that is a butt, don’t let her fool ya. How many knees have a crack next to them, look to the left a tosh. That my dear is a buttcrack.

  7. Definitely a butt crack there.

  8. That’s a drunk person taking a picture of a scraped up knee. LOL. The “crack” is an arm next to the knee. Gutter-minds…

  9. Maybe your right. That ass does look a little calloused.



  11. hahaha… White chocolate, have fun jerking off to my knee.

  12. This picture makes me realize that it’s time to either go back to the tanning bed or start laying out by the pool more. Yikes, ghost legs!

  13. theerivs Says:

    White Chocalate loves whacking it to knees. Better layout naked, I don’t want your “knee” to have tanlines, it might give it away.


    that’s right riv. oh hang on anyone got a tissue? or a shop towel. river u ol sailor u! u motorboatn S.O.B.

  15. theerivs Says:

    Thats what I thought when I motorboated that girl. LOL!

  16. I love that I am mentioned in the blog. It is true I am refined, do have a masters degree and I LOVE ME SOME RACIN’! It is serious and River is correct. I am a Tony Stewart fan and if you dare to say I like another driver I might hurt you! I love to say things like, “Rubbin is racin and Drive it like you stole it!!!” In addition, if a driver I do not like crashes or has car trouble, I do cheer…loudly. I usually go to two races a year, but this year I will not be for personal reasons. Anytime anyone wants to watch a race, let me know!!!

    On another note, the picture totally looks like a butt!

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