“Drunk Actions make for Sober Thoughts.” ~ #1

#1 said this, and I have been rolling it around in my head for a bit.  She probably meant that things done while drunk are probably born in sober thoughts. That while drunk you would do stuff that you wouldn’t really do while sober. Oh say like wearing makeup.  

It’s true to a point. but most of the stuff i do drunk, I would do sober as well, sure.  Then again I’m an attention whore, with no shame. Sing poorly, dance like a fool, do stupid crap, ride cookie sheets down a hall, jumo friends in a moped, put make up on,  tell someone i love their sister to the point of aggravation, and aggravate people in general, call a girl a tranny, etc. etc. The list of stuff I would do sober or drunk is pretty damn long.   It’s not the fact that I’m sober or drunk that I do these things. I want people to have fun when I’m out, if that means spending an extra buck, or playing the fool, so be it.  The bottom line is I don’t really care what other people think as long as their having fun.

Now this is where it is rolling in my head, when I’m drunk two things may happen, that I wonder where they come from.

1. Angry River- Once in a while I get angry, like I was at Bailey’s bar, and I just snapped at this old guy. Where does he come from? That guy was just looking at me, and I ended up threatening to break his hip.  One night I tossed ice at a wall, why I don’t know?  I just get Angry, could it be the whiskey doing it to me, but I drink alot of whiskey. So I don’t know why sometimes I get mean, and sometimes I don’t

2. Disappearing River – I get some sort of wanderlust in me. I can’t stay at one place too long. I don’t quite know what it is. Maybe it’s like George Costanza and I try to leave on top.  I don’t think I’m bored with the current situation when I want to leave. I just do. Sometimes I use to leave to go home, and when home was an hour away that was a bad thing when your drunk…real bad.

These are the drunken actions I wonder where they are in my sober thoughts so I can get rid of them.


3 Responses to ““Drunk Actions make for Sober Thoughts.” ~ #1”

  1. If I were to guess at the meaning of that phrase, I see it like this. When you are drunk, the part of the brain that tells controls your rational actions is not functioning properly. To clarify, when you are drunk, you might say or do something that you wouldn’t otherwise say or do had you been sober. So, when you are drunk, you are more exposed in a way. So girl says, “Does this dress make me look fat?” Sober you probably lies or sugar coats it. Drunk you bluntly answers and possibly offends. In a way, your drunk behavior says more about your character than your sober one. To me, that makes for sobering thoughts.

  2. That’s what I was saying Riv. Mike is totally right. (god that killed me to type that) I’m not saying that every stupid thing I do when I’m drunk is a sober thought for me, but most things are. For instance, I can also get mean sometimes when I drink. Not to everyone, but mostly to someone who has pissed me off at some point and for whatever reason I’ve kept it bottled up. Get a few glasses of Merlot in me and all shit hits the fan. I have no problem telling someone how I feel about them, their mother and their dog. (notice, you don’t see me drinking Merlot very often 🙂 ) Also the curious behavior kicks in more. If I have a guy friend that at some point I’ve been curious about while sober, even if it’s been for a 1/2 of a second, a few drinks makes it seem ok to make out with him, or ask him questions I would never in a million years ask. I know for a fact that it works the same with you. There have been times that you’ve opened up to me about a woman you are interested in when you are sober, but you never let her or anyone else know about it until you are hammered.

  3. I took a totally different meaning to it. To me it means that however you act, and for me it is usually like a fool, will make you actually dig deep the next day and realize that you acted that particular for a reason. It is probably a dark place you dont like to visit when you are sober.

    When you wake up hungover the next day and you start putting pieces together and you start regreting everything thats is probably the only time you will be honest with yourself and realize that it is an issue and that you are hurting people left and right and that you are going to end up alone because its that bad. you are going to become the person that everyone avoids at parties or gatherings.

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