Thursday Hangover

Yep went out again last night. Ugh After Next week I’m taking a vacation from drinking.  So I started the night at a Jenny’s house, her new boyfriend was there who happens to be my friend as well. I hope it works out, cause if it doesn’t there would be much drama. My father told me once, “Never shit in your own backyard.” I try to adhere to that rule as much as possible.

Anywho from there I went to Teehans, met up with a friend, Bob. We did the Car Bombs. They were oh so delicious. Bob was already hammered, he started drinking at 2pm. So I know he was going to be in rare form.

We then went up to Hollstiens, to get my karoake fix. Did Soul Man which I think I did an ok job with, at least I was drunk enough to think I did a good job with. My friends were up there, #1, Nascar, Geek Princess, a whole slew of others. Ok and the girl I have a little bit of crush on was there too. LOL!

I had a lot of fun last night,  favorite part when me and Nascar broke out into the robot, and breakdancing.  Yeah yet again there was boob licking. I think I motorboated her too. I don’t quite remember.

So then I left around 1am, and stopped into Durbins, to get my free drinks, and talk to the bartender there the other girl I have a crush on.  Closed down Durbins rolled in around 3ish.

Woke up around 7:30am, Wierd thing is right now I feel pretty good. I’ll most likely dragging ass come 1pm though.

Tomorrow I start my vacation so the postings will be sporatic. The Tinley Park Block Party is this Sunday, I’m excited like a little schoolgirl. Gonna be some fun times, and I hope some nice pictures. LOL!


3 Responses to “Thursday Hangover”

  1. Let the record show that there was NO boob licking and NO motorboating with NASCAR! That was what you did with “#1. Remember I don’t have enough to motorboat…it’s more like a small fishing boat. We were breakdancing and that was it! While my boobs did look good last night, thanks to my good bra, no one put their saliva on them. 🙂

  2. I put my saliva on them.

  3. River, I have a few videos of you from last night that will appear when you least expect it. It might be today, tomorrow or even a few years from now. You will never know. 🙂

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