Whiskey Hangover

Ok I’m back, and sick as a dog. I’m coughing unnatural stuff up. Happens when you go on a drinking binge for 5 days.  You already know about last Wednesday.

Lets start with Thursday…Dollar bottles, and cheap shots. You can’t lose. One of my favorite bartenders came out. She is hot as hell. She attacked Jackass, and gave him a little hickey. It was funny. It was the owners of Holstiens Birthday. We did more shot’s than humanly possible.  There was a group of guys that was just hammered and we started singing songs acapella.  Add to the evening a fight. It was just a booze induced weird night.

On Friday, Poor Jackass had to work. I went to the Poison/Def Leppard. Had a great time. I upgraded my seat and sat closest to the stage I’ve ever been before. I went with #1, and a couple of other Jenny’s, they get nuts when their drunk. At some points I feared for my life, like #1 was driving and they we’re jamming to Thriller which would of been cool if we didn’t almost end up in the guys ass in front of us.  After the concert, Jackass got out of work, and it was on. That’s when it became a blur…

Saturday, I took it easy only went out for a bit, and had a few beers. Saw my buddies band play at Hollstiens. Went home early for the Block Party.

Sunday..Sunday…Sunday…..It was the Tinley Park Caribbean Block Party. They close down the main street of Tinley, and set up food, games, etc.  I start drinking at 9am.  I load my trunk with booze, about 200 dollars worth. Invite all my friends back to imbibe with me. Little fuzzy at points. I did get a picture with a monkey. I got my head shaved as per tradition, but a little twist. I got the worst mohawk in the world.  I don’t remember much else. I drank alot, and too boot I didn’t finish drinking until 3am. Makes for a long day. Out of the trunk full of booze all I got is a little Capt. Morgans, and one bottle of Boonesfarm.

So 5 days of drinking, ending in the big summer bash.  I always feel a little bummed after the Block Party, because I love it so much, and now it’s gone. It marks the middle of Summer, which means the end is near.

I was thinking I should stop drinking, cause I feel like shit. Physically, and mentally. My friends really don’t think I have the willpower I believe. Saturday I said I was only going to have a few beers they laughed at me.

You know what though, like my New Theme Song – Whiskey Hangover by Godsmack mentions.  “So what if I never want to be sober. So what if I want to be numb forever”

I’m going to see them this Wednesday.  I’m going to get piss drunk.

I think this pic explains everything……



3 Responses to “Whiskey Hangover”

  1. wait a minute…. you said you weren’t going to drink at Wednesday’s show. LIES!

  2. I changed my mind again, I gained 5 pounds over my drinking binge week. I’m on the wagon again, nothing but water or diet coke.

  3. Yeah right…. we’ll see.

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