My Lack of Faith in Doctors.

Let me put this right out here. I have no faith in Doctors. I feel that we are no better off these days, then back in the day when they applied leeches to suck out the humours in our body.

Sure we live longer, but at what cost. Most of the people that live past 80 are no more then husks of their former self. I am not interested in life, I am interested in the quality of life. As long as I have some quality to it, I want to live. If I am in a bed 24/7, someone go ahead take me out.

My hatred for all things medical probably can be traced back to all the way when I was 2. I broke my leg, and had a cast put on, but I remember vividly the saw coming down to cut the cast off. I still have a sort of recurring nightmare about it.  Then we move on to just the bumbling medical debacles surrounding my Grandfather, my Mother, and my latest my Step Mom.  I will spare you all the intricisies of each case.  I will go over the finer points. They treated my Grandfather like a piece of meat, carving at him, and carving at him even though if they did save him he would be little more then a vegetable. My Mother I was there when they punctured her long. Lets just say if my family didn’t hold me back, there would be one less doctor in the world. My Stepmom went in for a simple procedure, ended up with a fucked up pancreas.

Medicines today do more harm then good sometimes. Health Care prices, and system is so out of whack it is no longer a laughing matter.

As for myself, I know whats wrong with me. I am acutely aware of my fucked up health situation. I got the bad news a long time ago, and I don’t need a doctor reminding me everytime I go there.

Whatever happens to me health wise, either I will live by pure strangth of will, or I will die, but I refuse to lie in a hospital bed waiting for death to come.


3 Responses to “My Lack of Faith in Doctors.”

  1. 2ndsunsnumber1 Says:

    Medicine unfortunately is not always used for the good of the patient. the medicine field is like any other field of work. Doctors make commission off persciptions, additional appointsments, extra supplies used, etc. Even if mental illness isn’t real, even if the medications for mental illness are placebos, it doesnt matter, if money can be made it will be made, even at the expense of the patient.

  2. I’ve had my share of difficult surgeries over the past few years and honestly I don’t regret having any of them. They have made my quaility of life much better. I don’t walk around feeling like my head is going to explode and I am actually able come out of my dark bedroom again and spend time with my kids without a severe migraine causing me to show the tidy bowl man what I’ve had for lunch. Try telling your doctor story to a mother who almost lost her premature baby and without the help of modern medicine would be less one child today. I can guarantee you won’t get very far in your rants and raves. I know this because I am that mother. I agree, there are people that run to the doctor for every little ache and pain, and there are doctors out there that should never have been licensed. But if you think about it, the majority do more good than anything.

  3. Like with any profession, there are people who do exceptional work and those that don’t. Add to the fact that anyone can mistakes. Lumping them all together is unjustified. It would be like a person calling all IT guys morons because they had dealt with a Geek Squad fool. You wouldn’t like pigeonholed like that.

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