Through Chaos comes Knowledge

This is a motto of mine. I’ve said it before, on here and elsewhere. I think I explained it once or twice before, but I feel it’s been awblacklegionbadgehile I need to revisit it.

Chaos for lack of a better word in my mind is when things in your life seem in upheaval. When you feel your life sucks, that everything around you is a swirling vortex of shit.

One of these times is when I lost my job with the CTA. I was going to follow in the footsteps of my brother, and I was doing a pretty good job too, but I had a problem, I liked to sleep too much. One thing in the CTA they dislike is tardiness. I was late 3 times, thus I was fired from the CTA. I still recieved unemployment, cause there was some dubious political bullshit on part of the CTA.  It wasn’t as simple as being late 3 times, and being fired.  Bottomline though if I wasn’t an asshat, I’d probably still be working there.

This was a rough time for me, I was unsure of my future.  I felt like I was sinking in quicksand. I kept at it, sending resumes out. I almost had a job, but because of my criminal past, I lost it.  Weeks turned into Months. Unemployment ran out, I had to get some sort of money coming in, besides Bouncing. So I took a job at Speedway gas station. It sucked ass, I was miserable, but I did what I had to do. Still pumping out resumes. I eventually got a job with Sapphire Technologies, which led me to FTD, which then led me to my current job.

In this time of Chaos, I learned alot about myself, and those around me. In everytime my life was in the dumps, I learned I had more strength then I gave myself credit for. That those who said were my friends, weren’t really. I learned that those friends I didn’t think were friends really came through for me. I learned alot about life in general. Thus came knowledge, knowledge of self and others.

Thus through Chaos, comes Knowledge.


One Response to “Through Chaos comes Knowledge”

  1. dbcubed Says:

    Sound a lot like what I heard last week at a leadership seminar, “Crisis doesn’t build character, it shows character.” In your time of crisis, you’ve learned that you have determination and a will to succeed. Cool story.

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