Ye Old Renaissance Faire

#1 wants to go the Renaissance faire.  The last time I went was a few years ago, and I enjoyed myself immensely. There was knife throwing, turkey leg eating, beer, and wenches.

Two Highlights of the last time I went. Was the the tomato throwing guy. There’s this guy who you get to throw tomatoes at, he sits there and insults you. It’s pretty funny. Well I don’t throw very well. That’s why I never play baseball or softball, and I was a lineman for football always. I wasn’t going to do it, because i know I suck. Then the guy screams as I walk past, “Did Jupiter just cross the Sun?”

Oh really, I’ll take some tomatoes. Yea I hit him once it was a good shot, and well worth it, he insulted me some more. It was all in good jest. I really had a good time.

The other incident at the Faire that year. Was I use to work with a guy, in the day. A sort of work friend we’ll call him Mitch. Cause I actually worked with a Bob too, so i don’t want people confused.  So I told my friends at work I was going to the Faire. Another friend of mine, pulled me aside and said, “Look for Mitch!”  I was like, “Why?, I didn’t know he was going?”  My friend is like, “Don’t mention your going, just look for him there, just trust me.”  This friend of mine being my ace compadre I did just that.

So at the Faire I kept an eye out for Mitch. Lo and behold it was well worth it. There was Mitch in all his faire glory dressed in tights, and some other Rennassiance gear, with his girlfriend dressed to the Rennassiance 9’s as well.  I practically ran up to him, as I’m trying not to pee on myself from laughing, and yelled, “HI MITCH!!!”  Mitch turned to look at me, and with a look almost of fear said, ” Hey what’s going on, I didn’t know you were coming here.”  I replied, ” Oh yes, I’m here. Why what a fanciful costume you have on Mitch.”  After some more ribful jesting on my part, Mitch explained to me his girlfriend is totally into this, and that he does it just to appease her.  I tell Mitch that’s it’s ok, and I won’t make fun of him too much……Ok for the two weeks after that I called him Lord Fancypants.  That’s it though. I swear.

Not that I find anything wrong with dressing up for these events, no in fact I probably would too. But choose your dress according.  For Guys..Armor is cool,  Tights not so much.  For Women anything that makes your boobs stick out is really fine by me.


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