Not much to say.

A friend of mine passed. Not much I can say cause I really don’t know how he passed, but I will not bother the family. I’m sure they will tell me in due time.  I’m still in shock cause I just saw him. He was a good guy, and he always made me laugh when I did see him. Fare thee well Dante, wherever you fare.

I stumbled upon a real great website that made me really think. It’s called Unenlightened Philosophy, and here’s the post that made me really think. I’ll comment more on it next week.

There is probably no bigger movie that had an impact on my young life like Tron. It came out in 1982, my grandmother took me to go see it at the old Colony Theatre in Chicago. Ever since then I’ve been in love with all things computer. Well I just saw a new trailer, and let me say I could hardly contain my erection. Awesome is coming.



One Response to “Not much to say.”

  1. I’m sorry about your friend Riv. It’s hard to lose someone, even more so if it’s unexpected.

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