Are we a Slave to Genetics?

Genetics is a very facsinating subject to me, besides the fact I loved the Xmen, and had fanciful dreams of mutating into a monster in my youth. I find the subject of genetics to be a hobby of mine, I absorb alot of info, and news on it when I can. When I hear about cloning my ears perk up. When I hear about stem cell research, and gene therapy a twinkle in my eyes forms. I think I feel as much as we are trapped by fate, we are also trapped by genetics.  

Are the limitations in my life handed to me by my parents? Are my predispositions givien to me, encoded in my cells. These are the things that I think about it. Perhaps it is not God I should be cursing for my ill fate when it happens, but my parents for coupling in the first place.

There’s a line in Tombstone, great movie by the way. Where Doc Holiday speaks of Johnny Ringo, telling Wyatt that Johnny is angry, and filled with hate. Wyatt asks over what, Doc replies, “For ever being born.”

We already know how genes affect us, are we going to be tall, or short, blue eyes, brown eyes, etc..etc.. Doesn’t that effect our reality. Me being tall has a different perspective on life then someone that is short.  I am a male, that means my life will be wholly different then a females. Because of the Genes we have it makes us all somewhat unique, thus making our lives unique.

What if we could control Genetics, create a race of super humans? How is that a bad thing, to give these children a freedom from deformities, and some illnesses.  I think not until we unlock the mysteries of genome, could we unlock our full potential as humans.


One Response to “Are we a Slave to Genetics?”

  1. inspirationtimes Says:

    I really like this post. It opens the door to some thing even deeper than that. Genetic is indeed a facsinating subject, but still limited in trying to understand who we really are and our true potential. If one believes that we are essentially a “Spirit” in a body, which I believe, ..only throuh the spirit we can understand and develop our potentials. And perhaps understand Genetic.

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