Taking a Higher Road

I,  like alot of males (and some women) in this country have a lot of issues with competition, even when we don’t have to.  Amongst our friends, we berate each other, make fun of each other, rip on each other. I am as guilty as all of them. It’s what guys do…but does it make it right?

A popular webcomic site brought a campaign to light, and I thought about it in terms of gaming. You can read more here.

As I dwelled on the subject. I started asking why do i berate the people I know, and care about? Is it funny, or fun? Well besides the reparte of it, the back and forth of it.  I find it funny when people find fault with me in a good natured way, and we go back and forth.

Do I take it to far though? Do I beat a dead horse? Do I ever harm with my words. I’m sure no one has ever cried online when I called them a douchebag. I wonder sometimes though when I speak, and berate others maybe it’s best I shouldn’t even if it’s good natured. My mother said, “If you haven’t got anything good to say, you shouldn’t say anything at all”

Perhaps I should start growing up, perhaps I should start taking the high road, and not berate others at all…..

Then again part of me say Fuck’em if they can’t take a joke.


3 Responses to “Taking a Higher Road”

  1. Ha! You said you like a lot of males! I think you are going to need some cream for that burrrrrrrrn!

  2. Must resist….

  3. You are stupid. That’s all I’ve got..

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