A Day at a Time

Sorry no Monday Hangover, I think you need to get drunk to have a hangover. As some of you may know, my stepfather had a stroke on Thursday. I spent most of my time at the hospital Loyola in Maywood. I think the most dangerous part has passed, I hope. They used a procedure that basically blasts all clots of the body. As far as I know that’s what a stroke is, a clot getting to the brain. He’s been out of it since in a coma like state, but every so often he kinda pops out of it. He knows where he is, what year, who my mom is.  So there is hope.

Thoughts sometimes come unbidden to my mind, like will he get better, what will be the state of things. My mom is handicapped as well if they are both, since I’m the only single one, with not much really go on, will I have to move in with them to help them. He controlled the finances, my Mom really doesn’t know where he stashes things, and where everything is. If he doesn’t have all his facilities, what will that mean for their finances. All these thoughts race through my head. I learned from my days in Gamblers Anon. that you need to take life “One day at a time”, meaning lets get through this hurdle first, and then worry about tomorrow. So I have to put such thoughts out of my head, and do what must be done to help my Stepfather out of the hospital.

Really touching scene, John, my stepfather had a moment of clarity, and really first time I heard him speak. My Mom told him, “I’m here honey, I love you.”  He uttered the best he could, “I love you too.”  Touched his heart, and tried to kiss her hand.  Here he is 8 million tubes in him, a neck brace, can’t move worth of shit, first thing I heard from him is how much he loved my Mother.  I’m not very emotional, but that moved me. That earns so much respect, and admiration for him, If I need to carry that man on my back for the rest of my days, I will.

Another bit of hope, he slipped out of his coma like state, and the nurse asked him what he wanted, he replied, “Gin and Tonic”  What a Rockstar.

Another funny moment, I love my Uncle to death, but he makes me look sane. We’re sitting there, and the Hospital Chaplain comes in, and he has an accent. My Uncle asks him, “Are you polish?” The Chaplain says, “No I’m Romanian”  Uncle replies, “You guys still got Vampires out there.” I almost pissed myself laughing.  The Chaplain goes, “No I don’t think so.”  Uncle looks around, and goes, “I see alot of bloodsuckers around here for sure.” 

As for John, we’ll see today, what the neurosurgeon says, alot of this is probably because of swelling of the brain, and the drugs. We just got to take it a day at a time.


One Response to “A Day at a Time”

  1. I’m glad whatever they are doing seems to be working. I’m keeping your family in my thoughts and I hope everything works out. I’m glad he’s in a good hospital. Hang in there, things will be ok. Sounds like he’s a fighter. That’s always a good thing.

    I want to meet your uncle. He sounds like fun!

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