Tuesday Hangover

As I write this, I’m sick as a dog. Not hungover, but my sinuses are all messed up.  Which makes everyone think I drank a little bit too much around work.

Well Thursday you know I went out, and did a bit of drinking. Friday I went back into the breach. Most notable thing that night was I had to do a bit of babysitting. There’s this girl I call CTA, stands for c*ck to ass. Everytime she gets drunk she’ll rub her ass on your cock. So she’s hammered, I say something to aggravate her. She hauls of and slaps me, real hard, I was like what the fuck, she turns her butt to me and goes, “You can slap me back”  I was like…ok. I’m not so angry anymore.  She is definately a handful, but she cracks me up. 

Saturday was more laid back, It was really dead at all the bars. I saw one of my favorite bands Rendition. I didn’t drink that much, because I stopped at Sam McQuires in Orland Park, and let’s face it OP hates the River. Afterwards I hit Denny’s I haven’t been there in so long. I had the Grand Slam, and it was pretty good actually.

Sunday I had a BBQ to go to, and to be honest I’m not a BBQ type person. It’s an issue I have, I’m not a swimmer so I feel wierd about going to these things. Good thing I drowned my issues with some Pabst Blue Ribbon. I guess the highlight of that evening is the Bidet story. I was joking about drinking out of the bidet, I was like sure I’ll do it. So I went into the bathroom, #1 told me to turn it on. I did. She neglected to tell me that it was like a firehose the thing sprayed water all over me, literally. I was soaked.  I don’t think I ever seen #1 laugh that hard in my life.  Another funny moment was when a Jenny was sitting in a chair, and jackass tried to giver a lapdance, the chair broke and she was laid out on the floor.  There was more stuff, I think #1 can fill you in with the blanks.

Monday, I just rested, my sinuses were starting to act up.


3 Responses to “Tuesday Hangover”

  1. What does swimming have to do with a BBQ? Just curious. Yes, there is a pool and yes Jackass jumped in with all of the kids (which was pretty amusing because the rest of the night the kids wouldn’t leave him alone), but none of the other adults went swimming, and I use the term “adults” VERY loosely here…. well except you swimming with the bidet. That was the funniest thing I’ve ever seen in my life! That’s what you get for wanting to drink out of something that people use to clean their ass.

  2. Well there is a pool there, and I refuse to swim for a multitude of reasons that I neither want to tell or explain.

    But when there is a pool there, I get a little anxious about it.

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