The Real Photo Friday Picture

This is how excited I am that it is Friday.

This is how excited I am that it is Friday.

The people demand hotness, not that bs you posted earlier Riv.


8 Responses to “The Real Photo Friday Picture”

  1. She’s cute I give you that, but I don’t like breasts that big….but would I toss her out of bed for eating crackers. Hell no.

  2. She is definitely in my top 5 women I would bang and not get in trouble with gf list.

  3. well, appearantly Mike’s a boob man… LOL

  4. Not necessarily. I love great legs and butts as well. It may be hard to tell from the picture but this girl has got everything.

  5. Oh, and what is up with that expression? How many mf’ers are eating crackers in bed? Who eats food in bed anyway?

  6. Actually I use to. I use to have a studio my bed was by my TV. I didn’t have a dinner table. Just a desk for my computer. I would eat at the edge of my bed while watching TV.

    I know I lived the high life!

  7. Is that Puerto Rico?

  8. I didn’t even know there was water in the picture until you brought up the location.

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