Monday Hangover

Well to say I was a good boy this weekend would be an out and out lie. I was good Friday and Saturday. Staying in, helping mom, fixing an old friend of the family’s computer. Which on a side note, he is a little bit of a religious zealot, so I wore an Iron Maiden shirt just to aggravate. Nothing like passive-aggressive resistance.

Sunday…well, sunday not so much. Started drinking about 2pm. I think I drank a half bottle of Capt. Morgans even before the game. I was feeling good. Watched the game at my usual haunt. 25 dollars all you can drink, and eat.  This is my heaven. With Da Bears winning, spriits were high, and I was drunk.  I’m sure I made an ass of myself to some Jenny’s at the bar. Then me and Jackass went to Teehans for our Irish Car Bomb. Then proceeded to Durbins. To really get my drink on, then went back to Teehans for another Car Bomb, made an ass out of myself with some more girls. Then to Hollstiens again. Me and Jackass were the only ones in the bar, we had a dance off. Then back to Teehans, then finally Durbins again.

I crawled in at 1am.  When I woke up today, I thought I was still drunk…..


2 Responses to “Monday Hangover”

  1. Is that why you texted me asking if I was going to JWH? I ended up fallng asleep waiting for “Pokerface” to text me to go out. If I would have known you guys were still out, I would have met up with you there. I haven’t seen a River/Jackass dance off in awhile.

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