So little to do, so much time.

Scratch that, reverse it. Ahh Gene Wilder as Willy Wonka, the only TRUE Willy Wonka in my book.

Well I got alot of stuff to do. There is a formal party so I  just brought my dress shirt to  the cleaners to get pressed (Yeah I’m lazy). I was shocked my usual cleaners is closed up, which makes me a little sad. Trying a new cleaners. See how they do.

Gotta stop at the Clothing Store today to pick up another shirt I ordered, book store to get something to read, drug store to get sundries. Then go get my luggage from the basement.

Tomorrow, I have to print all the paper work, and then pack. Make sure I’m up on Friday morning at 3am. Flight is at 7am, so I want to be there by 5am. 

It sure takes alot of work, just to go on vacation.


One Response to “So little to do, so much time.”


    i agree on the gene wilder. also have a great trip. i placed some real rum on the pirates ride so go ahead and jump in and get it. lol

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