Yo Ho Yo Ho it’s a pirates life for me.

sexy_pirate_costume_brownOk since I’m back, despite the fact  Mike tried to turn my blog into the Playboy of blogs, Interesting articles with hot babes on it.  Though I’m here to take it back.

I went to Disney World this past weekend to celebrate my companies 20th anniversery. The owner took all the full time employees down there, and spent quite of bit of money on us.

We stayed at the Disney Beach Club, let me tell the room was really nice. It was like taking a trip back to the old hotels of yesteryear. I had a balcony with a wonderful view of the…..other side of the hotel. Oh well. It was damn hot out in Florida, damn humid too.

Friday I just rested, went out to lunch at a place. Big River’s Brewery, I was like wtf I wan’t a bar named Big River’s they stole my name. Oh well I took a few pictures of me in front of the sign. That night was a nice dinner with the company, and open bar. The whole company sang Happy Birthday to me, a little embarrassing.  Oh dear open bar. Yes I drank alot. Then we went to a dance club near the hotel. I asked for a shot of Jack Daniels, it was like 3 shots worth of Jack. At one point I remembered dancing with an older lady, she was my bosses cousin. She had to be 60 if not older. But she looked kinda good for her age. So after dirty dancing with her, I kinda lost track of the night. I know at some point I was humping a giant globe at the Hotel. I think there’s a pic too.

I woke up, kind of early on Saturday, 9am feeling quite good. Being the movie freak that I am I decided on going to the Hollywood Studios. Disney’s version of Universial.  Upon entering I heard the Superman theme I was like…”Oh it’s on!”  It was kind of cool, a Star Wars ride, and Indiana Jones Stunt Show.   The ride though that I absolutely loved was the Hollywood Tower of Terror. The ride is Twilight Zone based, and you hop on the ride your given a little show which was pretty cool, but the coolest thing was they drop you 13 floors, not just once, but a few times.  I swear I was screaming like a little bitch on this ride. Good thing I just took a piss before the ride, or I think I would of wet myself.

That night we went to a special showing of Epcot Illumnations show, yet again open bar. It started pouring rain, no matter I had 2 drinks in my hand the whole time.  After a change of clothes, we went to the hotel bar. The owner was passing out tequila shots like it was going out of style. After that closed at midnight, we went to the dance club again. I kind of lost track of myself then, after this the owner, his brother, one coworker, and a few girls went to my room to drink. I brought a few bottles of booze with me.  Well the next thing I know I was waking up on the couch of my hotel room at 7am, everyone was gone. I still being drunk, I crawled to my bed to sleep it off. I woke up at noon, still not 100% sober. I also came to realize I left my Credit Card at the Dance Club.

Sunday not feeling all that good I decided to go somewhere nice, and easy. Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. First though I had to track down my Credit Card. The Dance Club was closed, I knocked on the front door, nothing.  So I decided to walk around the building see if anyone is there. I found the back door open, I walked in. After shouting Hello for some time, no one replying. I decided to leave. I did not want to get arrested at Disney. So off to the Magic Kingdom, I really am a kid at heart, and my favorite ride the Haunted Mansion was still cool. Though they changed the other ride I love to match the movies, the Pirates of the Carribean, I still enjoyed it.  There were some rides they changed to my chagrin, but I guess you have to change some things, but it’s not always for the better. For example they changed the Tiki Room, but the show sucked compared to the old show. So change is good, sometimes if that change is for the better.  After I returned I went back to the Dance Club, I walked into a private party, it looked like a wedding.  The people there said I should check with lost and found. The rest of Sunday night I just relaxed to get ready for my ordeal to come home. 

Monday, I spent most of it tracking down my credit card, I found it though. Then it was off back home. The plane had some rough turbulence, real rough people were praying, babies screaming, couples holding each other in fear…me I was smiling. It was like another ride. Then I had a nice dinner with this Jenny I knew, she wanted to take me out for dinner for my birthday which was really nice.

Tuesday was just a rest day, and laundry day.

So there you have it, my weekend. I’ll put any interesting pics up for you.  Overall a wonderful birthday weekend, but I’m looking forward to celebrating my birthday with my friends this Saturday.


4 Responses to “Yo Ho Yo Ho it’s a pirates life for me.”

  1. Lol @ “The Playboy of blogs”

    Definitely want to see the picture of you in front of Big River’s Brewery.

  2. If you would have brought me to Disney, I would have made sure you didn’t lose your credit card.

  3. Thanks Mike for minding the store when I was gone. despite what sherry said I enjoyed the writing…and the boobs.

    don’t ever mentrion disc golf again though Thanks.


    no coke no hookers damn.

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