Monday Hangover

Oh what a weekend, Caligula would be proud indeed.

Friday I was a good boy, I had to be. I had to work on upgrading the phone systems. I’m not a huge phone guy, but since I stumbled through it before with our Canada office, and that was a remote site. I have a little better grasp of things. That is until the phone system didn’t accept the database from the old system. Lets just say I was at work untl 2:30am on Saturday.

Saturday….different story. I started drinking about 7pm at Jackasses. We then went to Hollsteins for a 9pm to 1am drink special.  I wish I could go into detail about that night, but I can’t really. There’s alot of holes. I do remember I had a good time, and I didn’t pass out until I got to Jackasses crib, or puke.

What do I remember from that night.

Dancing up a storm with a cute blonde girl, Kissing #1’s boobs. Flirting way too much with anyone with a vagina, drinking with my brother and cousin.

In my drunken haze I recall Gus (remember one of my oldest friends, not wanting to be my friend anymore) showing up, and the thing that disturbed me most was this wierd necklace he had on. I don’t know if it was even real, maybe it was a figment of my drunken mind. I don’t know if we even resolved anything. Maybe I pissed him off even more.  The thing that stuck in my mind is he said I changed. Really no shit. Welcome to my life, Welcome to Chaos.  Obviously he still reads my blogs, because he regurgitated my words back to me. I thought that was kind of funny, and cool.

Anyway from JWH, we went to Teehans, and then off to Durbins.  God what a blur. All I remember from that is they played one of my brothers songs there at Durbins.

I don’t know what time I passed out finally….

When Jackass came into the room at 9am waking my ass up I was still drunk, screaming, “Yo bitch wake up”  I knew it was going to be a long drunken day. Jackass was in rare form indeed, lets say putting an ice bucket on his head, filled with ice water was sorta mild. He kept a sausage in his pocket as he walked around the bar.  I was laughing so hard, I was coughing up blood…ok I wasn’t really.

I finally crawled home around 10pm.  Woke up this morning how you say…a little rough around the edges.


2 Responses to “Monday Hangover”

  1. Riv, you really didn’t kiss my boobs… you kind of licked and drooled on them. Kinda gross. LOL. I really need to learn to wear turtlenecks around you…. you also forgot to mention that you were dancing with a bachelorette party most of the night at JWH and how Jackass got REALLY excited… almost too excited… that they had a blow up penis.

    I hope you had a good birthday party weekend. I’m sure your liver hates you right now.

  2. I am glad you had fun! You didn’t really dance with a hot blonde all night, I only danced with you for a few songs! Hahaha

    We did dance to Aha’s Take on Me! Glad you had fun!

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