Where River Went Wrong (National Poetry Day)

Something went wrong with River as you can plainly see

He is quoting Mary Poppins and acting strangely,

No, he’s never been original and has stolen lines before

In the past, at least, it was 2pac and that was moderately hardcore,

Now, he is watching chick flicks staring that Matthew McConaughey

But unless a woman is making you, then that sounds kind of gay,

He idolizes Disney and sings kid songs straight out of 2nd grade

If you do that in front of women, you will never get laid,

Now, you’re a year older, and left barrels of whiskey in your wake

But some things never change though judging from the cake.



4 Responses to “Where River Went Wrong (National Poetry Day)”

  1. HAHA I hope a Tornado wipes your Texas town off the map! 😛

  2. I just noticed it rhymed, ok long day at work. I’m out.

  3. I think you are keen, you.

  4. I noticed your chimney sweep song and I thought it was cute.

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