Monday Hangover

I just received word that #1 is hurting, she had a little bit too much partying this weekend….what a pussy!

Well my Friday started off I was going to stay in, but I don’t know I got a little antzy Friday night, so I went out. Glad I did. I saw #1 there getting nice and stewed.  I did the usual bar romp, starting at Hollstiens, Teehans, then Durbins. I hammered the  Jack that night, which maybe I shouldn’t have. When I hit Durbins, My cousin who owns the place came in. When that happens we start pounding them together, and talking about his Uncle, my Grandfather. He’s a great guy, but the guy can drink. It ends up to be a late night, er I mean early morning indeed.

Saturday, was even better. I went out and it was even better. Oh #1 was there, day two of drinking. Alot of my friends were there, Nascar, Towelie, RJ, Alot of other friends which I’m going to have to find code names for one of these days. Some friends I haven’t seen in a while. I have been blessed with some good friends, and I always enjoy their company.  Then it was off to Teehans, and there I saw a Jenny, which I’m friends with but I was always like..Meh. She’s ok looking…but. She was all dressed up for a wedding….HOLY SHINOLAS.  She was HOT! I was like Whoa.  After proclaiming my love for her, The Disbeliver came in. I call him the Disbeliver, because he got a fucked up tattoo on his forearm it says Belive, I kid you not. He was so hammered he jumped on me, tried to kiss me, and then stuck his finger in his mouth and then stuck it in my mouth. I never seen him so drunk. It was hilarious. Then it was off to Durbins, I saw my girls from Ed and Joes, and the girls that work at Durbins always a blast. Then in walks my cousin, Aw man…. I didn’t leave until 5am.

Sunday was a little more mellow or was supposed to be. I tutored a Bartender who I will call Trannygirl on Word, then I had to drop off some books to the Polish Princess at Durbins.  Trannygirl really isn’t a Tranny, I just made fun of her saying I see an adams apple, and that she can palm a basketball. She got really upset, so I continue my persecution, as for Polish Princess, she’s just a Pollack. Anywho, so after tutoring, I had to drop of the books, I saw some friends up there, and my other cousin who is managing the place. I decided to have a drink or eight. Then lo and behold some Brazilian hotties came in, yeah I’m staying a bit. So after dancing with them, they left promising to return next Sunday…yeah I know where I’m going next Sunday. On my way out, I got a call….#1 and Geek Princess all drunk at a bar called Dandy Jacks, which is pretty much a dive bar. They asked me for some fries. I was like piss off, but I like surprising people so I stopped at the O.S. got an order of fries to go. I go to the bar, dang they left, and worse part I saw some people who knew me, and that I really didn’t want to talk to. I was mad at the girls it was my fault, I wanted to surprise them. I love OS fries so not too bad of a loss. One of my other cousins called me they were heading to Teehans, at this point it was midnight. Fuck nooooo. I’m going home. Cause if I went to Teehans, I would be home sleeping now.

So it was a great weekend, #1 partied all three days, and is hurting today. Life is good.


6 Responses to “Monday Hangover”

  1. Days like this remind me that I’m not 21 anymore. Lots of fun this weekend, but I’m def done with my small drinking binge. Although it is nice to have one of those every once in awhile.

    Sorry about the fry situation. We had to get out of there. After I knocked a bunch of drinks over and Geek Princess was about to toss her cookies, we knew we needed to leave before we embarrassed ourselves any further. Thanks for trying to surprise us though. I owe you some OS Fries.

  2. How old are you fuckers?

  3. I’m sorry we didn’t spend the weekend at the Symphony like you did Mike… how OLD are YOU anyway? 55-60? 😛

  4. Touché.

    I spent 2 hours at the symphony. Sounds like you guys spent 20 on drinking alone. Time to expand your horizons and find other ways to have fun eh?

  5. Well that explains the weird looks I was getting at Dan D Jacs while I was in the corner, masturbating, while doing Jager Bomb after Jager Bomb. Damn it!

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