Pic of the Week – Sandra Bullock

Ok I saw the Proposal. I’m a big Ryan Reynolds (sp?) fan ever since Van Wilder. He cracks my shit up, yes it’s a bit of a chick flick, but it was pretty funny. Betty White cracks me up too. Craig T Nelson of Coach fame is it in it, and the Mom from StepBrothers is in it too, she’s a hottie for an older chick. So I was watching it, and I was thinking holy crap Sandra is pretty hot. I don’t know why I missed it before. Here’s a couple pics.




3 Responses to “Pic of the Week – Sandra Bullock”

  1. At least Mike posted a pic of a guy while you were gone… Yeah, he made fun of him the whole time, but it was still something fun to look at.

  2. Sandra Bullock is pretty plain jane imo.

    • Yea I know this, but there’s something about her that is just sexy, like the girl next door type maybe. Or the girl you hook up with at 3am.

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