Not a huge Chicago Blackhawks fan

pittsburgh_penguins_2000Here in Chicago we love our sports. Da Bears, Da Bulls, Da Hawks, and either Da Cubbies, or Da Sox. Which by the way every summer this city gets ripped apart depending on you allegiences you might not be sitting too pretty. Like if you a Cubs fan on the South Side.

Though I am not the hugest hockey fan. I don’t like the Hawks. If I was a hockey teams fan I am a Pittsburgh Penquins Fan, I grew up playing as them alot on the Genesis, back in the day.  When Jagr, and Brodr played for them. My second favorite team is the Detroit Redwings, Why? Cause Hawks Fans hate them so much. It tickles me pink when the Hawks get beaten by Detroit. 

My hatred for the Hawks is known in some circles, but last night I just got another reason. I was supposed to go to a movie (Paranormal Activity), and Dinner with this girl. She ditches me cause she got last minute tickets to the Hawks game.  Well I guess if I got last minute Bears tickets I would ditch her. So I wasn’t too pissed about it, but it did peeve me a little bit. Enough to take just a little more satisfaction from the fact that the Hawks lost.

Petty I know, but I don’t care.

As for other teams in general, I use to like the Pittsburgh Steelers as well back when the Iron Curtain was around, now it’s only the Bears. I like the Bulls, but I don’t follow any other team enough to say I like them.  In Baseball,  The NY Yankees is my second favorite baseball team. 

My favorite Soccer team? Fuck Soccer…that’s my favorite team.


11 Responses to “Not a huge Chicago Blackhawks fan”

  1. Dumb, dumb blog post.

  2. Riv, I’ll be sure to mention this post to Towelie… he will love it. Beat it Nerds!

  3. The Hawks don’t need you as a fan River. They are doing just fine without you. Question, who is Brodr from the Penguins? If you are talking about Martin Brodeur, he has played his entire NHL career with the New Jersey Devils. Did you mean Barasso or Lemieux maybe? Maybe Paul Coffey or Scott Stevens? You just like to play devil’s advocate and us Hawk fans can’t even take you seriously. “My favorite player is that guy who played for the you know whos?” Really River?

    • I said I’m not a real huge fan of Hockey, DUH!

      Anywho yeah I don’t know why Brodeur was on the Penguins, though tell you the truth my extent of hockey knowledge comes from Sega Genesis, and I think maybe I drafted him or something on my own Penguins team. LOL.

      Lemieux was the bomb, I think I still have a puck of his that came with a hockey game when I did a stint at Babbages Software store.

      But lets face facts, The Hawks are in first place hanging by a thread, with Columbus knocking on the door. Pittsburgh is resoundingly leading there conference with an 8-1 record, 5-0 on the road, and if you mention Gonchar, I think the Pens will do ok without him.

      Oh yeah TOEWS Got knocked the hell out!!!!

  4. Damn Riv, you just got F’d in the A!

  5. Oh, the other guy on that line was Ron Francis.

  6. haha… nice Towlie! I bet River will never write about sports on his page again. 🙂

    Mike, it’s a good thing that Riv likes to get F’d in the A! It seems to be a comfortable position for him. LOL


    just read this don’t make me get doug wilson after you. lol



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