The Octagon

Chuck Norris - The OctagonI was working on a computer just now, and the dude had a Chuck Norris Calender, with a bunch of funny Chuck Norris jokes.

Chuck Norris one of my favorite actors was in this movie called the Octagon. In it he talks to himself alot. It’s a great thing indeed, to hear Chuck Norris’s thoughts. He thinks to himself, “Can I beat my brother, Can I defeat him in the Octagon”  He thinks to himself alot. It’s quite absurd but awesome at the same time.

The greatest thing about this movie is also one of my other favorite actors is in this movie Lee Van Cleef. Who’s work in The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly is legendary.

Anyway when I was growing up, and my brother and I would fight….I would say “Can I beat my brother, can I defeat him in the Octagon”  in a funny way, and my brother would crack up.  It reminded me of a simpler, more fun time of my life.

As for  Chuck Norris, He can lead a horse to water, AND make him drink.


3 Responses to “The Octagon”

  1. I prefer The Delta Force. It is quite awesome seeing Chuck Norris deliver some wheel kicks to ratty bearded terrorists.

  2. Mike "I'm Getting Too Old For This Shit" Says:

    Delta Force has Lee “Muthafuckin'” Marvin in it.

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