Addicted to Chaos

I don’t know if I really have ADD or some varient. Computers is the only thing that held my interest for long. No matter what I’m doing after a while I get bored, and am looking elsewhere.

Jobs, where I live, interests, even girls.  After a few years I require change. heck sometimes I even try to sabotage myself to mix it up.

I’ve heard of people addicted to drama. maybe I am addicted to chaos. 

To have things falling apart on me, so that I can rebuild, and find new challenges. I get bored with things, so I require new adventures. 

I only mention it, cause I was thinking people would kill for my job. No bosses around, no time clock to punch, come and go practically as I want. As long as the job is done, no one bothers me.  Yet here I am looking to the horizon for the next job, looking for some new challenge.




4 Responses to “Addicted to Chaos”

  1. You get bored with women? That’s it, you are officially gay.

    • Jane you ignorant Slut. I get bored with one girl if I’m dating her, that’s why I sabotage shit alot with relationships.

      • Riv, you ignorant skank hole, you don’t appear to date enough women to make your statement true.

  2. Woman = “Jackass”

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