It’s always something

Probably the biggest cliche saying ever, and I even hate saying it myself . There are times I just can’t help myself.

Last night my Stepdad fell out of bed at the nursing home he was in, and his prosthetic hip popped out. My mom and aunt are taking  him back to Ingalls today to see what can be done. The guy has been through a lot already now this crap.

I have no clue what will happen to his business, or how they are even going to make ends meet. It’s going to be rough holiday season.

In times like this, I can just keep on doing what I can do for my family, but I just can’t help but say…..It’s always something.



3 Responses to “It’s always something”

  1. That sucks Riv. I hope he feels better soon.


    that sucks, but they should be able to pop it right back in. i see it all the time. i hope he feels better.

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