Some good news

Well after going to the hospital last night, hanging out with my mom, aunt, and my goofy brother. They were able to pop in my stepdad’s hip. I got to see him last night, and he was rather chipper. For being out, they must use fabulous drugs in the hospital.

Now we got to see what’s going on in the Nursing Home, and how long the hospital wants to keep him.  It will be a myriad of paperwork I’m sure.

This might set back his therapy a bit though, and time is not really on our side.



One Response to “Some good news”

  1. I’m glad they were able to fix it without surgery. I hope he feels better soon… oh and next time you are at the hospital, pick me up some of those pain meds. You know me, I love me some pain meds. 🙂

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