No Monday Hangover

I was really sick all weekend. No not H1N1 or HIV you silly twitt. It just really touched me a few people were worried about me when I didn’t show up to the Bears game yesterday. Thank you


5 Responses to “No Monday Hangover”

  1. i told everyone you were off shooting another midget porn.

  2. I really was worried as was everyone else who didn’t know where the hell you were….not just Sunday, but Saturday too!! 😦 Make sure someone calls you in sick when you wont be in attendance!! That all I have to say about that!!
    got nothin but love for ya!


    it’s the clap

  4. White Chocolate, you might be on to something there. I thought I saw him walking into the free clinic when I drove past it over the weekend. River, next time walk on your knees and put on a wig or something.


    good one #1 he is dirty

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