Monday Hangover

I was such a good boy this weekend.

Friday I stayed fixed a friends Computer.

Saturday I had a few beers, Jackass was out of control. His girlfriend Paparrazi tried to jump on me. No if I know you, and I mean really know you I don’t mind fucking around, but if I don’t really know you don’t try jumping on me, and doing stupid shit with me, especially when I’m sober. Homey don’t play that. So Paparrazi tried to jump on me, and really I didn’t know she was going to do it. So she jumped. I didn’t catch her. She dropped like a sack a potatoes.

Jackass was so out of it, there was reports of him showing his penis out in the beer garden to an old couple. Now it was probably his thumb through his zipper, cause the old people said it was pretty decent size. Anywho, I had to smooth things over with the manager, and give Jackass a talking too.

I got a call from Commando, and Torino saying Jackass was wondering Oak Park Ave. later that night mumbling to himself.  Oh well Tinley Park Jail is pretty good, so I had no worries.

Sunday…I get a text from Commando, were going to Jackass’s for a drink. Oh well I said I was going to see Boondock Saints 2, (It was AWESOME btw) I’ll stop by afterwards I haven’t seen Commando, and Torino . So I stopped by Jackass. “Where’s Commando, and Torino?”  Jackass replied, “They went to split pea soup..”  “WHAT?” I asked.  Right then and there I knew, it was a trap. So I started drinking with Jackass, and Paparazzi. She passed out. So me and Jackass hit the bars.

I won a little money on the Poker Machines, so that means let the games commence. Went to Teehans for a few, went old school did some Black Haus. Then we hit JWH, where we met up with Geek Princess, and her friends. We did an asston of Apple Pies.  Then it was back to Durbins, where Clare Shittenglass showed up, and we had some more.  I headed home about 1:30 in the AM.

How bad was I, I woke this morning still drunk. I was a real bad boy last night, and really the only people I can blame is Commando, and Torino. I hope that split pea was fricking fantastic, cause I’m making Torino carry my casket himself when my liver collapses.


2 Responses to “Monday Hangover”

  1. Oh c’mon!!!!! We were at Jackasses for almost 3 hrs!!!! Showed up an hour late and intoxicated to Torino’s Parent’s house….I’m sure they think I’m a lush!! Split Pea Soup and Chilli gave us real bad tummy aches and we were up all night!!! I didn’t fall asleep until 3am and was up at 5 and in the car with Torino driving to the train station on OP ave to get my car which was left there all weekend. Did you get the Seagrams 7 we left at Jackass’s for you?? Needless to say I think you subconsciously punished us already for not being around yesterday!!! We definately felt unfulfilled this weekend in not seeing you 😦

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