Dr. Phil

My brother calls me that, cause on occasion this girl, or that girl will call me and I listen to their problems and I try to give them advice, or just listen to them.  He chastises me, he says the guys that listen to girls problems doesn’t get laid. Which is probably true. He also says that a friend is a boyfriend that doesn’t get laid. Which might be true as well. My brother’s been married 3 times, don’t know if I want to take relationship advice from him though. My brother just doesn’t understand, that when your dead and buried it doesn’t matter how many people you fucked. It’s not about how much money you have in the bank, it’s not how big your house is, or how fast your car went.

When your dead, people will remember who you are, and how you touched their lives….how will you be remembered? Did you make a positive impact in someone’s life. To me that is the most important thing, that I add to someone’s life, and not take away from it.

When I was younger, I lost a couple dear friends of mine, I vowed never, ever not have the time to listen to someone. If I talked to these people would it of saved their lives, I don’t know. But I will never turn away a friend if they have a problem, no matter what is in between their legs.

So if that makes me a pussy. So be it.


5 Responses to “Dr. Phil”

  1. Your brother…is right. As a friend, it is ok to listen to a woman’s problems. If you want to bang this girl, then it isn’t. It’s quite simple. If you’re only tie to her is listening to her horrible life stories, then by proxy (using your nerd speak to get it through to you) you become associated with the negative thoughts. It is different when say you are already in a relationship with her because presumably you have many more positive associations already in place. Then listening to the junk works as a benefit to both her AND your relationship. So, if you want to bang her, don’t listen to her problems. If you don’t, then continue to lend your ear and shoulder. Like your brother, I have been divorced, but I have also been interviewed by Glamour Magazine, so I have some official women cred.

  2. Riv, you always give good advice. That’s why people go to you. You are straight forward and not afraid to tell someone if they are fucking up. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. I can see your brother’s point, but I think it would awful if you stopped helping people just because you wanted to get laid. That’s not who you are.

    BTW, have you started on those vows yet? I really need some medical insurance.

  3. If you respect others by listening to them, it’s very likely that you’d be respected in turn…and as much as we run after money, it’s respect and love we all crave…but seriously, instead of focusing on personal benefits, we should help the people around us because like you said it might save their lives…and I personally feel that helping without having personal gains in mind is a gem of a quality and you should be proud that you have it! =]

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