Strange Things Afoot

I woke up this morning to go to work as is my usual doings in the morning, and my passenger car door was slightly open, and my passenger visor was down, and the mirror was open. Like someone came in looked at themeselves in the mirror and left.

Nothing else appeared to be disturbed, or stolen. I had some garbage on the floor. it didn’t look messed about. Now if it was one of my friends mucking about. Most of my friends don’t know where I live. I think only 2, both of them girls. One lives close, the other in Oak Lawn.

Or if it is some local kids, or thieves why not anything, I mean nothing was taking, or even damaged. Though not much of value in the car, but if your a punk, I’m surprised they didn’t fuck with anything.  Why the visor down, and the mirror. Looking at yourself in someone elses car.

I leave my car open most of the time, because I feel if they take, steal, or fuck up my shit they would do it anyway, locked door or not. Plus if I catch them, and I don’t know them I will pluck out their heart, and eat it while it’s still beating for being insolent fools to defile my property.


4 Responses to “Strange Things Afoot”

  1. I once had thieves break a car window out to get into my car….that was already unlocked.

  2. You got drunk last night, picked up a chick, took her to your place but by the time you got there, she sobered up a little and did a quick check in the mirror before she ran down the street… and in her haste, forgot to close the door all the way. That’s my theory.


    i needed a place to sleep one off last night. sorry riv.


    oh ya damn did i look good this morning good hair day

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