Monday Hangover Super Size

A Looongg Weekend means lots of Drunkeness.

Wednesday or Black Wendesday as they call it. A friend of mine had a house warming/Black Wendesday Party. It was a great time. I drank a bit, the Food was good.  I got my friend a Slap Chop.  I love the infomercial for that. When he says, “You’ll love my nuts.”  it’s priceless.  There was a girl, one of my friends cousins,  there that I was aggravating, she was funny and played along. It was a nice place, and I’m proud of my friend.

Thursday, Thanksgiving, was a day filled with familia duty. I drove my Grandparents to my Fathers house, spent a few hours there and had dinner. I then drove them home. I then spent a couple hours with my Stepdad in the Nursing home. After that I met a bunch of my friends up at JWH for a few drinks. The highlight of that evening is I heard #1 asking someone if they every used Conditioner to masturbate. I never heard of such a thing, so I took an impromptu poll amongst our guy friends. Yea Conditioner is not something most of us never used. Then again there’s menthol in my conditioner..that might sting a tosh.

Friday stayed in and relaxed.

Saturday was an odd day indeed at the bars. I started at Jackass’s place, his girlfriend was there, and a few of her friends. At some point Jackass disappeared, and reappeared with his girlfriends track suit on. I wish I could show a picture, it’s beyond words. Best way to describe it is he looked like a gay 70’s rollerskater. They were all drunk, and it looked like they were about to crash. So I decided to make my exit, and hit the bars. I went to JWH, At one point of the evening I went outside to look for someone, I saw a cute blonde. I asked, “He where are you going?” She replied, “I’m going to my sisters.”  “Well how about one last shot before you go?”  I said. To my surprise she said yes. I bought her a shot, and we talked a little she asked me what I did, I said well it would be easier if I gave her a business card. Ok pretentious on my part, but i got like 2000 of them, I have to hand’em out sometime. Anyway we continued to talk, and then she said, “I really have to go, give me a kiss. ”  I was like in a form of shock, so I planted one on her lips. Then she left. The kiss sucked on my part, no passion in it. I was kicking myself afterward. I should of layed a good kiss on her, but I think I was like a deer caught in headlights.

 Later that evening I’m standing outside of Teehans, my back facing the street. Then a friend who was looking on the street goes, “Look at this idiot, and the outfit he has on.” Without even turning around I knew…Jackass. He progressed to hit the bars with this outfit. People were just in shock. I was just laughing so hard at peoples reactions it was just hilarious.

Sunday, We were at it again me and Jackass for the Bears all you can drink special. The Bears suck, but at least I get to eat, drink, and enjoy my friends company. Jackass was in rare form, putting pizza in his pants. Doing the worm, and breakdancing. Kissing strangers, and ripping on them in a funny way. Like he would go to a guy we hardly know, “Hey, touch my penis”  when the guy didn’t he would go, “What’s your problem, are you gay?” 

I left little before 8pm, #1 called me out again to go drinking with her friends, but at that time. I had my fill of booze. I needed sleep, and to condition my pubes so they were nice and soft for work.



3 Responses to “Monday Hangover Super Size”

  1. I hope someone secretly replaces your hair conditioner with Nair, you sick perverts…. 😛

  2. ewwwww!!! I do notice that my conditioner is empty a whole lot sooner now…I think Torino uses it in the shower…..for what, I don’t even want to know!!!!!

    • I was debating whether or not to include my lesson i got about your cycles, and how they effect your breasts, but I thought I best not. It disturbs me, and I’m trying to repress that memory 😛

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