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The Best Movies of 2000-2009

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My Coworkers and me are doing something fun because it’s dead here today. I thought I would share. We built a list of our favorite movies that were released from 2000 to 2009. This is not in order of favorite, just my top 50.

1. Cinderella Man
2. Rocky Balboa
3. Iron Man
4. Remember the Titans
5. Training Day
6. The Wrestler
7. Lord of the Rings Trilogy
8. Kill Bill Movies
9. Memento
10. The Departed.
11. The Illusionist
12. Gran Torino
13. Van Wilder
14. Gladiator
15. No Country for Old Men
16. Star Trek
17. V for Vendetta
18. Bourne Series
19. Superbad
20. Hangover
21. Old School
22. Bad Santa
23. Tallegdega Nights
24. Step Brother
25. The Others
26. Pirates of the Carribean : Curse of the Black Pearl
27. 25th Hour
28. Hulk (With Ed Norton)
29. Borat
30. Kingdom of Heaven
31. Death To Smoochy
32. Taken
33. The Last Samurai
34. The Patriot
35. Black Hawk Down
36. Clerks 2
37- Star Wars Revenge of the Sith
38- Letters from Iwo Jima
39 – Walk the Line
40 Shaun of the Dead
41- Spider Man
42 – 500 days of Summer
43- King Kong – 2005
44 – American Gangster
45- 40 year old virgin
46 – The Aviator
47 – Road Trip
48- Wedding Crashers
49 – 300
50 – Road to Perdition
Everyone have a safe, and happy New Year see you in the “O-10”

Something ain’t right

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Well if you follow my blog you know I’m helping my Handicapped Mom take care of my Stepdad who had a stroke several months ago. It seems like he’s getting worse, he’s weaker, he isn’t listening, confused a bit more. Worst then that it seems my Mom is cracking from the strain mentally. She’s mumbling to herself, complaining more, and she’s repeating herself alot. I wonder if my Mom bit off more then she can chew in terms of dealing with this stuff.

I have been taking command of the situation, in terms of getting things motivated, and waking them up when they have to get up. putting him to bed when he needs to go to bed, making sure my Mom stays on course with getting shit done.  It’s funny how life works, I lived my life avoiding responsibility, and now it lands dead center in my lap. Not that I am complaining, just observing the irony of life sometimes. Actually it hasn’t been bad, yes it’s physical work, yes it’s hard, and yes it sucks, but I try to stay upbeat and deal with it, for my Stepdad, and more for my Mom’s sake.

Alas I feel some hard choices may be coming up if he is getting weaker.

2009 has been a shitty year for alot of people I know, and I can’t wait to say goodbye to it.

Monday Hangover

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Normally I regail you with stories of my drunken debauchery over the weekend. Though there was a little of that. Not much since I moved in with my Mom who has one leg, and my Stepdad who had a stroke 4 months ago, and who can’t even wipe his own ass. It’s funny I tried avoiding responsibilty most of my life, and here it is landed solely in my lap. I will do what must be done always.  The thing is my Mom is not an invalid, so she can manage for a few hours at a time by herself as long as my Stepdad is secure in his comfy chair, wheelchair, or bed. I am there mainly for major muscle power using the lift, which is like a car jack, or engine hoist for humans, or help with transfers from his wheelchair to his comfy chair (which is a nice recliner)

I was able to sneak away Saturday night, and a few with the boys. Started off at Durbins, then went to Dendrinos. and ended up at Kickoffs. I got home about 6am, then had to help my Stepdad out of bed on Sunday at 9am. With his daughter there, he leaned to the left almost took a dive into the nightstand. I pretty much used all my strength to deadlift the guy back onto the bed. With 3 hours of sleep that was rough.

I also had to buy some adult diapers, and that was fun, people looking at me wierd. It is an activity that is right up there with buying tampons for a chick for me now.

Sunday I was able to get away for a couple hours, because my nephew was there helping out. A bartender friend of mine gave me a gift out of the blue and I was shocked. I am generous, and I don’t expect anything in return, but it’s nice when I do get something. It was a movie, 500 days of summer. One of her favorite movies, and I’m sure I would need a Vagina to really enjoy it, but I will watch it with an open mind and see what it is all about.  Jackass was out too, and he begged me to stay a bit longer, but I promised to be home around 10pm, and good thing I am a man of my word, My Mom, and nephew were lifting him all wrong in the lift. It was a ghastly sight. I took control of the situation. It’s funny, I’m telling my Mom now what time we have to go to bed, and what time we will be waking up. Funny how roles change.

Mike mentioned something, that I am not Chaotic, that I do the same things i.e. Get drunk, rinse and repeat. I kind of wanted to respond to this.  I named this blog Chaotic Ramblings, not because my actions per se are chaotic, it’s because the thoughts in my head are chaotic, and I feel the natural way of things are indeed chaos. We as humans strive to put order to things, that no matter how I wish things stay the same, they are always changing. My life is not what it was last week, let alone 2 years ago, and where will I be next year. I don’t know.  The thoughts in my head ar chaotic as well, I am always torn between the good guy, and the bady guy. The man who does the right thing, and the bad guy who just wants to be selfish, and or do the wrong thing.

Happy Holidays Everyone!

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I’ll be back on Monday, with more insane Chaos!

What Christmas means to me.

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To me Christmas isn’t about the gifts, though I like to give them. I do not look for any back.  Christmas is about friends and family,  a time for celebration. It is said that the holidays is a rough time for people, because it brings up what they lost, not what they have. All too often people look upon what they don’t have and despair. I don’t know when I shall pass from this earth, so I enjoy every moment I can spend with my friends, and family. Christmas is one of those times.

One of my favorite songs is “God Rest ye merry gentlemen, let nothing you dismay. ”   This song just sums Christmas up for me. “Let nothing you dismay”.  It’s the ideals of Christmas I enjoy, the wish to have a brotherhood of man, to have a joyous heart, to be more giving.

But once Christmas is gone, we go back to our old ways for it is the doom of man to forget all too soon.

Monday Hangover

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I set out on a mission, and that mission was to get drunk….mission accomplished.

Friday had a nice dinner with my Grandparents, then I went out, met Nascar, RJ, and Towelie out for a few drinks. The band was ok, after they left. I headed to Teehans, and I saw an old friend there. We started pounding them. I really have to watch it with Irish Whiskey it sneaks up on me, and then hits me on the side of the head. I was flirting with a couple of Teehans girls, they probably don’t get that kind of attention at Teehans. Ya know the suave, sophisticated type like myself.  Then I went to Durbins, and started to sober up a tosh. Talking to the waitresses. Overall it was a nice night, and I didn’t act heinous, or my actions were not dubious….well Nascar knows what I’m talking about.

Saturday, I took my grandparents to a Christmas party, then I visited the Nursing Home for a few hours, for my Stepdads Birthday. Though it was a loathsome action, he is  a Sox fan, I bought him a nice Sox scarf. After that remember that bartender Commando said really liked me. Well I stopped by that party, her family was there….oh yea…her off again, on again boyfriend was there.  So I didn’t stay long.  Let the drinking begin, don’t remember much. I remember dancing, and the band’s guitarist just looking at me strange. Later I was outside, and he came up to me and said, “Dude sorry I was looking at you strangely, but I felt we were on the same plane. You were really feeling me. ”  I was like, “AH, Ok….Your Welcome??:

Sunday was the Bears game, and Blackhawks game. I ate too much, at one point I had to shut down, and digest. I won Bears tickets, which sucks I don’t think I can go because of things going on with  my Stepdad. After rocking it out at JWH, we went to Durbins. I was bothering the bartender for a drink, and I hear under Commando’s breath, “Don’t seem to desperate”  I think that’s what she said, anywho it’s funny Commando is trying to coach me. I laughed to myself. Yeah I bet the bartenders boyfriend isn’t desperate.

Bottomline, I had a great weekend with my friends, and Towelie didn’t hit me in the junk this weekend.

Pic of the Week – Holiday Edition Part Deux

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I’ve been good…I swear….at being bad!

Thank you!

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Thanks to you the reader, there are alot of stats one could measure for a blog, but today this blog broke 2,000 comments. That means the most for me, because you discuss rather then just read. You take your time and participate.  I know most of the comments are probably #1, and Mike’s, but there are a few others Nascar, Towelie, Nora, Commando, Erin Go Braless, and anyone else I forgot to mention.

Few other fun facts, over 30,900 views to this blog. There are 270 posts, some of them are Mikes. My busiest day was 284 views on September 16.

Though my personal blog isn’t as popular as my video game blogs, this blog means more to me because it is about me, and my life. I just wanted to thank everyone who takes the time to read my crap, and keep me motivated. I hope you learned something about me, and also made you think about something, or made you a laugh a little about something.  Most of all thank you for sharing my life with me, for you all make it a little better, and that makes me a little better.

Most people would say it was a crappy day.

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Yesterday could of been a day from hell, but it wasn’t. Work was running me ragged, and then I went out for lunch I noticed my front tire was a little low. So I went to filled it with air, as I did I could feel air leaking from the tire. Great.  So I went to my usual place to get repairs. Empire Tires. They are little more expensive, but they stand by their work, and their honest.

Well the guy there says that tire is cashed, I knew it was time for tires, but I thought I could hold out until after Christmas, no such luck. 2 new tires (cause when you buy new tires you should get both front’s replaced, or both backs, or all 4, for even wear, and smoother ride), so 150 bucks it cost me. Which is a little more pricey, but still ok. 

I had to goto Commando’s and Torino’s place to fix their computer. I said it before, I’ll say it again, Commando can cook her ass off. They put out a spread for me. Steak, Baked Potatoes, An Alfredo Pasta side, Salad with the expensive exotic types of lettuce, and cheese in there.  The only time I get home cooked meals like that is when I hit Grandma’s crib.  I wonder if she cooks like that all the time, I might have to save my pants for Torino. I know I would be 800lbs if she did.  The food was so good, if I couldn’t fix the machine, I think I would of ordered one for them from Dell.

While the spyware was doing it’s thing we watched Bad Santa, I love that movie. Billy Bob Thornton was the best in that role. Bernie Mac, and that little dwarf  cracked me up too.

Well the machine found a trojan, cleaned the machine of it, and I did some things to speed up the machine. I hope they are pleased with it.  As I was leaving the house, one of my new tires was flat. I was quite displeased. I got the spare out, and the pis ant jack. What the hell?!?! No Lug Wrench.  I didn’t want to bother Torino, or Commando they were tired, but I had to. Luckily Torino works on cars…hence…the name…Torino, and he had some tools.

After an hour and a half of fucking with it. Trying to get it off, and all other kinds of stuff. Torino said lets just fill it with air, so you can get it home, and the Tire place can take care of it. I stopped and got me some Fix a Flat stuff on the way home just in case I needed it this morning, and some Vanilla Zingers. They always make me feel a tosh better.

Got up early this morning, stopped at the Tire place, the apologized profusely after I got in their ass.  They redid the tire, so we’ll see if it holds.

Yesterday could of been real shitty, but you know what with the help of my friends it wasnt. I had the money for the tires, I got a great meal, with the help of my friend a shitty situation ended up ok…so far.

Crazy Train

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Just like Ozzy, I’m going of the rail on a crazy train.

I had a crazy day yesterday. Had to go into work at the crack of dawn, than meetings with the Doctors, and my Mother’s dementia. Then more work stuff. Then a friend having serious computer problems.

The meeting, first of all the doctor looked like a Rastafarian aka Bob Marley. I was like ok.  My Mom is telling the doctor what she wants, the doctor is trying to be helpful. My Mom wasn’t having it. It was just an awful bloody mess. I had to step in, and inject some reason into this meeting.  My Mom was also repeating herself alot. That has me worried…alot.  Even my Aunt wished me luck living there.  Driving home I knew that this chapter in my life isn’t going to be easy at all. But as a great man once said, “It’s called responsibility, asshole!”

Then work was nuts, #1 had problems with another computer. She didn’t ask me to come over to look at it, I took it upon myself. I knew it was important to her, and being a friend then it was important to me. Doesn’t mean I can’t give her crap about it though. I do relish the chances when I can. I knew it was going to be a huge deal, and after looking at it most likely it’s the hard drive petering out. I hope it wasn’t a controller which would mean motherboard issues.  So it’s not a virus, well to be honest it still could be if a virus got into the boot sector, and stays memory resident, but no one writes those types of viruses anymore.  I remember back in the day, I had to have a floppy disk to check for that. I’d be lucky to even find a machine with a floppy disk on it these days.

Later that night though things got put into perspective. A close friend’s mother is in the hospital, and I thought you know what it could always be worse, and definitely more crazy.  My thoughts and prayers are with my friends, and their mother.