Monday Hangover

I set out on a mission, and that mission was to get drunk….mission accomplished.

Friday had a nice dinner with my Grandparents, then I went out, met Nascar, RJ, and Towelie out for a few drinks. The band was ok, after they left. I headed to Teehans, and I saw an old friend there. We started pounding them. I really have to watch it with Irish Whiskey it sneaks up on me, and then hits me on the side of the head. I was flirting with a couple of Teehans girls, they probably don’t get that kind of attention at Teehans. Ya know the suave, sophisticated type like myself.  Then I went to Durbins, and started to sober up a tosh. Talking to the waitresses. Overall it was a nice night, and I didn’t act heinous, or my actions were not dubious….well Nascar knows what I’m talking about.

Saturday, I took my grandparents to a Christmas party, then I visited the Nursing Home for a few hours, for my Stepdads Birthday. Though it was a loathsome action, he is  a Sox fan, I bought him a nice Sox scarf. After that remember that bartender Commando said really liked me. Well I stopped by that party, her family was there….oh yea…her off again, on again boyfriend was there.  So I didn’t stay long.  Let the drinking begin, don’t remember much. I remember dancing, and the band’s guitarist just looking at me strange. Later I was outside, and he came up to me and said, “Dude sorry I was looking at you strangely, but I felt we were on the same plane. You were really feeling me. ”  I was like, “AH, Ok….Your Welcome??:

Sunday was the Bears game, and Blackhawks game. I ate too much, at one point I had to shut down, and digest. I won Bears tickets, which sucks I don’t think I can go because of things going on with  my Stepdad. After rocking it out at JWH, we went to Durbins. I was bothering the bartender for a drink, and I hear under Commando’s breath, “Don’t seem to desperate”  I think that’s what she said, anywho it’s funny Commando is trying to coach me. I laughed to myself. Yeah I bet the bartenders boyfriend isn’t desperate.

Bottomline, I had a great weekend with my friends, and Towelie didn’t hit me in the junk this weekend.


11 Responses to “Monday Hangover”

  1. What did I tell you? Don’t waste your time with the barmaid! There was a litany of reasons why to avoid her BEFORE you found out her boyfriend is still in the picture. If you would take me or #1’s advice one of these days, you would have banging hangovers!

    Oh, and I think that guitar player was hitting on you.

  2. There is no doubt about it. The guitar player WAS hitting on you. Looks like his gaydar went off and he focused in on you. You do send off that vibe sometimes LOL. Epecially the way you were wearing your hat that night. Kind of like a french beret. That is why I kept calling you Pierre.

    Wait, I thought you don’t do outside activities in the cold?? You thought I was crazy for wanting to go see the holiday lights at the zoo (god forbid I want to do something that doesn’t require getting smashed out of my mind) and when I compared it to going to a Bears game in the cold, your response was “Well, you don’t see me going to those either, do you?” So guess what? I don’t feel bad for you for not being able to go. Just give me the damn tickets and I will go for you. 🙂

  3. I have been told by gay friends before that they know who is gay and who isn’t. Call it gaydar or whatever, they just know. While, they may be attracted to someone who isn’t gay, they will only come on to the ones who are. Which makes me wonder. If this guy was in fact gay and he hit on Riv, then perhaps he knows something about Riv that Riv doesn’t know about himself.

    Also, Riv posted another f**king he/she on his other blog the other day. What is that, like 10 times you have done that? That is more than a little strange/creepy.

  4. Two burst both your bubbles.

    A> I was talking to the guitarist girlfriend outside, then he came up to me and spewed those things, and she was cute. So though he still may be gay, someone should tell his girlfriend.

    B> The shemale thing was a joke. A fellow blogger was going under the knife, it was pretty serious. I was trying to lighten the mood. Since it bothers Mike so much, it has gotten me wondering about him, maybe Mike is uncomfortable with his sexuality.

    C> As for me being gay, if it would of saved me all the heartache I suffer, and continue to suffer at the hands, and nicely shaped woman’s breast’s I would of sucked cock years ago….but let’s face it guys are jerks. LOL!.

    • Actually the only time guys aren’t jerks is when they are working on getting their cocks sucked. That’s when you get the sweet-nothings, backrubs, butterfly kisses, etc.

  5. River, I tend to side with Bee on this one. Can you name 5 guys that aren’t like that?

    I think Mike has some truth to what he’s saying too. Even though you are flirty when you drink… and believe me, you were pretty flirty on Saturday night, I have a ripped shirt to prove it LOL, you tend to go back and forth between the men and the women. Like you’ll come up to me and do something crazy like lick my clevage, but then you will turn around right away and do a penis grinding dance with Jackass. hmmm… maybe you aren’t completely gay, but there are def some bi tendencies there. LOL It’s ok Riv, marry me and I’ll be your “beard.” I still need medical insurance. 😛

  6. Actually I can name 5 guys who aren’t jerks, sad thing is they get walked over by girls because they are so nice, and don’t haver confidence, or their not “typical” frat boy prototype chicks are into today.

    I really rip your shirt? Sorry LOL!

  7. White Chocalate Says:

    so did ya get the band member’s digits

  8. White Chocalate Says:

    keep me posted

  9. White Chocalate Says:

    was he cute was he brown ?

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