The Best Movies of 2000-2009

My Coworkers and me are doing something fun because it’s dead here today. I thought I would share. We built a list of our favorite movies that were released from 2000 to 2009. This is not in order of favorite, just my top 50.

1. Cinderella Man
2. Rocky Balboa
3. Iron Man
4. Remember the Titans
5. Training Day
6. The Wrestler
7. Lord of the Rings Trilogy
8. Kill Bill Movies
9. Memento
10. The Departed.
11. The Illusionist
12. Gran Torino
13. Van Wilder
14. Gladiator
15. No Country for Old Men
16. Star Trek
17. V for Vendetta
18. Bourne Series
19. Superbad
20. Hangover
21. Old School
22. Bad Santa
23. Tallegdega Nights
24. Step Brother
25. The Others
26. Pirates of the Carribean : Curse of the Black Pearl
27. 25th Hour
28. Hulk (With Ed Norton)
29. Borat
30. Kingdom of Heaven
31. Death To Smoochy
32. Taken
33. The Last Samurai
34. The Patriot
35. Black Hawk Down
36. Clerks 2
37- Star Wars Revenge of the Sith
38- Letters from Iwo Jima
39 – Walk the Line
40 Shaun of the Dead
41- Spider Man
42 – 500 days of Summer
43- King Kong – 2005
44 – American Gangster
45- 40 year old virgin
46 – The Aviator
47 – Road Trip
48- Wedding Crashers
49 – 300
50 – Road to Perdition
Everyone have a safe, and happy New Year see you in the “O-10”

6 Responses to “The Best Movies of 2000-2009”

  1. How do you have a “SAVE and Happy New Year?”

  2. No Dark Knight, No Batman Begins, No District 9, No Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, No Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, No Prestige, No Amelie.

    Yet you have shit like Van Wilder, King Kong, Revenge of the Sith, Clerks 2, Bad Santa. This list is full of fail. Essentially, you and your coworkers have limited taste. Your comedies are pretty much either Apatow related or something from the Frat Pack. Most of the rest are blockbuster type junk.

  3. I’d have to say I agree with Mike in regards to Dark Knight and The Prestige. Both excellent movies. I think the list just reflects its makers. The list was created by a group consisting of mostly men age 25-35? (or atleast that’s what I assume [but then we all know what assuming can do {like assume, for a second, I like parentheses}])

  4. This was my list, my coworkers had different choices, like one dude had moulin rouge, and chicago on his list.

    I actually didn’t like the Prestige, District 9, and Dark Knight I didn’t like as well. Amelie, and Eternal sunshine I did not see, Yeah Crouching Tiger should be on the list.

  5. P317174 Says:

    What about John Q, Nights in Rodanthe, Beautiful Mind, Forrest Gump, Butterfly Effect… Pretty nice all times too.

    Love movies with intense storylines rather than nobrainers entertainment. But agree that on a workday night, romance comedies , cartoons or simple fictions are more suitable.

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