Yearly Hangover

Mike cracks me up, that pic of me…Thats me on the bottom picture in case you were wondering. That pic was taken New Years Eve. I have no recollection of it.

How was my New Years Eve you ask? Well it was like the movie Memento, and I don’t remember alot of it. So from stories and pics of others I kind of pieced together some sort of timeline.

I started about 6 o’clock. My friend Jackass purchased a fifth of Jack Daniels for me. I was doing some real good pouring. More people showed like Commando, and Torino. Paparazzi’s friends stopped by.  I knew it was going to be one of those nights when I slapped glitter lotion on me. Before we hit the bars, I only had a little bit of whiskey left. Torino said I couldn’t chug it. I did. That’s pretty much when the lights went out….next thing I know I woke up at Jackass’s with the “Puke” Pot in my hand. It’s the Pot that I hold whenever I get so bad I might puke.

Ok like Memento were going to try to piece together the evening. 

– At around 9’oclock I started walking to JW Holstiens, at which point Commando and Torino drove by, and I was carrying an American Flag, while walking down the street. Where I got said American Flag is unknown.

-Upon entering JWH, I proceeded to lick, bite, or hug every person with a Vagina in the place, and some people with Penis as well.

-At some point during the evening I licked, and sucked on #1’s toes, not once, but twice.

-During the course of the evening I made out with one possibly two of Papparazzi’s friends.

– I was seen with a Tamborine, jamming with the band.

– I got in a shot contest with #1. Downing 5 apple pies at once, which are indeed made with Everclear.

-I disappeared at some point and ended up at Durbins. Whether or not I stopped at Teehans is still unknown at this point.

– At Durbins, I saw alot of people and I was coherent enough to get a few drinks, until the very end.

-I got into an argument with a bartender, who I then emptied my contents of my beer bottle unto her. That’s one way to get a girl wet I guess.

– I then passed out at the bar, and Jackass carried me away.

That’s all I got for now, I’m sure there’s alot more tales of debauchery, and stupidity, but I haven’t hear nor seen the pictures yet. Did I have a fun NYE?  Yes I did.

In any case Happy New Year!


10 Responses to “Yearly Hangover”

  1. Sounds like you had a good time. Mine wasn’t nearly as fun. My stomach was a mess and I couldn’t drink. I had the traditional midnight champagne toast but that was about it.

    • Well if you spent it with family or friends that’s really all that matters. My method is a little extreme even for me.

  2. You forgot the part where you grabbed my face and stuck your entire tongue down my throat… and when i kicked and screamed and tried to pull away, you proceeded to lick my entire face, causing my makeup to smear. LOL

  3. You are a wet, sloppy kisser Riv. LOL

  4. White Chocalate Says:

    Riv after that kiss I bet she was wetter than the bartender u spill ur beer on. lol

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