Monday Hangover

So this weekend, Friday I went to my usual haunt. JWH. A descent band was playing. Classic Rock stuff.  I told myself, i was going to just have one or two then split. Well Jackass showed up, and another friend of mine showed up who was celebrating his birthday 3rd week in a row. Yeah we got smashed.  Couple odd things about this night. I was sitting there talking to this girl, and another girl I know just jammed her fist in my ass. I was like “WOWSA!”… a handshake would of worked too.  Then my friends got drunk, and started to cockpunch. Nothing like walking around the bar cupping your balls.  One incident that cracked me up, me and my friends were shooting the shit, and this woman we all know came up to us, now I met her boyfriend, and he looks young. So I asked her how old her boyfriend was. She replied he was younger, bout 6 months. I still replied, “Oh so your a cougar!”  Then I started chanting “Cougar!”, and my friends picked it right up. She bolted out of there faster than a dyke fleeing dick.

Saturday I actually went to a different bar. 191 South. I was with a bunch of women namely #1, and another friend of mine, whom I shall henceforth call OCD .. So I had to make it rain, bought them a shot and some drinks. The band there was really good. They were called IPOP. They played some new music, along with some old classics. They looked like they were enjoying themselves, and having a fun time.  The owner of Holstiens showed up, I felt like I was cheating on a girl. I was like, “Oh hey…hi there. ”  I danced a little, made a fool out of myself a little then hit Olympic Star for some good grub. #1 had a problem keeping her booze down later that evening. After the Star, I drove OCD back to her truck, and I discussed the concept of respect within a relationship, which I will delve into deeper later in the week.  It was a real good time, and had some good ole fashioned fun.

Sunday went to my Dad’s even though he’s better, and says he’s been feeling better, he seemed confuses at certain times. I hate getting older.


2 Responses to “Monday Hangover”

  1. I am convinced that I just had a coughing fit and it triggered my gag reflex… and that’s why I had trouble keeping the booze down. Yep… that’s it.

    I had a lot of fun on Saturday! We need to do that kind of thing more often.

    I can’t wait for your blog on Respect in Relationships. This should be a good one. But do me a favor, spellcheck it first. LOL 😛

  2. wow… I’m the only one to comment? That rarely happens on Monday Hangover Day.

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