Let me tell you, I get no respect.

Rodney Dangerfield use to say that. Respect is very important in relationships, on both parties part. Though Men crave respect more so then women. My theory is that men crave respect, while women crave love. Not that men and women both don’t want respect, but I’m talking craving.

Let me review my theory, which I know I covered in the past, but I think we got some new people peeking in on my blog these days. So I will review. My theory is that a healthy relationship is a circle, No not a circle of trust Focker.  A circle that men crave respect, and women crave love. That when a man gets respect from his woman, he will give her the love she needs. 

I will give you a scenario to explain my theory.

IF you are a woman, and your boyfriend/husband/significant other or SO for short is out partying with the guys all the time, he isn’t with you, giving you the attention you need, and showing you love, and tenderness. So you become angry decide to go out with the girls. You flirt with guys, and such to get that attention you need. Then your man finds out what you’re doing, and gets angry with you. Well things spiral out of control from there unless something happens.

I am not saying women don’t want respect, but I’m saying they don’t crave it as much as we do as men.

Let me give you another scenario that me and OCD talked about.

This girl who was dating this guy went on a trip without him, and stayed in the same room with the guy, even slept in the same bed. Even though nothing happened, being the guy I can understand why he is no longer with this girl. If it was me, my foot would be down in a second. As a man if you respected me, you wouldn’t even think of going on a vacation where your sleeping in the same bed with another guy. So I’m sure this guy of hers thought about it, and even though he was a pussy and was a little passive aggressive, he eventually broke up with her.

Thats another thing guys, if you want respect, you have to earn it, command it, and be a man.  Show her the love she needs, I bet you get the respect you deserve.

Some tips to show her a little love that won’t cost you much you cheap bastage…

*Middle of the day send her a text saying your just thinking about it.

*Give her a massage. That’s like crack to a woman. (Don’t know how, go to the library and get a book)

*Pack a lunch for her, and leave a romantic note inside. (DO NOT LEAVE A PICTURE OF YOUR PENIS!)

* Cook for her. Learn a nice meal, and how to cook it to perfection. Then cook it for her.  Me I usually get one of those pizza kits from the store, and cook it. Easy, and no hassle.

*Draw her a bath, get some bubble bath, soap beady things, maybe some candles.. Women LOVE candles. Oh and make sure the bathtub is clean you sloppy mofo.

I tell you show your women some love, and you will get the respect you deserve, and more.

Now Ladies your turn, How do you respect your man.

* Well first off quit complaining, and maybe compliment more.  If you have a problem use the old compliment sandwich, For example. Honey, I know you work hard for our money, but the laundry machine is leaking, and it could damage the floor, what do you think we should do, I trust your judgement. See how that went, sounds alot better than, “This fucking piece of shit Laundry machine, we need a new one!”

*Men love to solve problems and fix shit. Appeal to this, instead of nagging, “Clean up this shit in the garage.”, perhaps say, “Can you help me, I’m trying to figure out a storage system for all the stuff in the garage.”

*Men don’t do feelings, show him the facts. Like if he wanted to buy something expensive, don’t throw a hissy fit. Show him a budget, and ask “to afford this what else can we cut out of the budget.”

* Be wary of your body language, rolling eyes, crossing arms, slamming doors denote disrespect as well.

If you women start respecting your SO more, I guarantee you will get more flowers.

Speaking of flowers, take it from me I worked at FTD, if you send flowers, send them to her work. Nothing a woman likes more than to show her friends, and coworkers that her man loves her. Do that my friend, you’ll be eating good, and probably getting an extra helping of dessert if you know what I mean…I tell you.


16 Responses to “Let me tell you, I get no respect.”

  1. So, why was the chick cheating on this dude or not? Why would she be sleeping in same bed with some guy?

  2. Where does trust fall in the circle? I would drop it in respect, but I think trust is something both sides need to gain the other two things. I have an ex-wife and she never trusted me and it annoyed me. I then figured out, maybe I shouldn’t trust her. Our marriage then fell apart because she went on a trip with another guy and slept in the same bed with him. She said nothing went on but I got a phone calk a week later asking fir a divorce. Oh and she started dating the other guy.

    Trust was the breakdown in my marriage. She didn’t trust me to do anything and I felt the respect I needed dwindle so I did everything to give her love, but she didn’t trust me. Dies that equal respect? Idk

  3. @Mike – She said nothing happened, but if she respected the SO, it shouldn’t even come up.

    @Scary- Trust is very important this is true, and was going to be the next article in the series.

    Let me tell you this, how would she go about not trusting you? Nagging, going through your stuff, etc..etc… which is a lack of respect. Her lack of respect probably led to the lack of you showing the attention/love she craved, and well it went downhill from there.

    • What comes first tho, respect or trust? Can you repect someone and not trust them? Can you trust someone you don’t respect? It seems to me Trust has it’s own bubble in the middle of the circle or should it be a piramid? I’m just trying to place the factors I know are important in a relationship.

      • That’s like the chicken and the egg question. But your going to have to wait until tomorrow for my thoughts…same bat channel…same bat time.

  4. I typo’d my first sentence. I meant to ask who was the guy in the bed? Did she try and say it was just a friend or something?

  5. Blast you! I’m going to have to go home and choke my chicken. I must know now if the egg came first or the chicken.

    In regards to the friend sleeping with the friend:
    that is the worst. My ex-wife told me, (and I quote) “yuck, he is like a brother to me I’m not attracted to him.” she has been married to her “brother” for 2 years now. Hmmm

  6. Nope Rivers not my dick on standby. River has a vagina so he’s more my vagina on standby.

  7. BTW, I don’t agree with that “Dick On Standby” statement. I have many guy friends that I am not attracted to in a sexual way.

  8. I don’t know how I missed this one!! Great analysis of the whole “Respect” issue…..I think after numerous failed or shall I say “Trial and Error” relationships on both mine and Torino’s end…I think we got this whole respect thing down. Don’t get me wrong, we have our little tifts here and there, but our mutual repsect for each other definately outweights any disagreement, bad mood (me on that end), or stubborness…(torino) Love and Respect are mutually exclusive

  9. Thanks very helpful

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