The Zen of Snowshoveling.

I read alot about Zen, I like the concepts of it, even though I don’t go to temple, wear the robes, and chant. There’s alot of good stuff about it. One of those things is living in the moment. To open the five senses and wrap them around the event.

Last night someone said something that made me reflect upon my life, and I have to admit it stung more then I thought it would, probably because I didn’t expect it to go this way, or perhaps for the first time in years I even thought of going down a path just to have it close up on me, and I felt like a fool for even entertaining the thought.  Either way it is, what it is.  I know expectations are bad, for I only can control myself, but I, to my chagrin, sometimes get trapped by my own frailty as a human. It is said in Zen, to remove suffering one must remove desire. I have tried to do that, I have tried to take things as they are….sometimes though it’s rougher then it seems.

To center myself,  I shoveled snow, I listened to the scraping of the shovel. the feel of the cold air, the smell of the crispness of the snow, the sound of my feet crunching on the ground, The sight of the pure white all around me.  It reminded me what this life is all about. The clarity of the moment, to dwell in it, to experience it.


29 Responses to “The Zen of Snowshoveling.”

  1. Taking the time to “feel” everything around you is very enlightening. I try to remember to take the time out of life to sit and listen. One thing is always a constant in your life. One thing you can always count on and that is you. Take care, love, enjoy, an understand you and the rest will fall into place easy v

  2. Sorry you had a bad night, but next time you need to center yourself, I have a driveway full of snow to shovel, or a yard to mow, or a pool to clean… or a bunch of computers that always need fixing. I think you might find it much more relaxing than I do. Just throwing the idea out there.

    • Last time you asked for my help to trim your bush, it wasn’t the bush i had in mind thats for sure, and I haven’t been the same since.

      So I won’t be doing yardwork for you ever again.

  3. River, you are such a liar. I have a lady that takes care of all of my “personal yardwork” for me. LOL

  4. /shock! Really? I’m not good with words. If I could have pictures that would help my follow along

  5. River, that is NOT my ass… you jerk LOL

  6. Scary – That is a picture of my knee after I scraped it one drunken night. River wishes he had a picture of my ass.

  7. That’s my arm next to it, you freak! Please stop jerking off to my knee picture.

  8. Oh jeez, oh, oh, ahhh. Poo that was your knee?I’m sorry I couldn’t stop myself.

    Btw I am lisenced gardener and I specialize in filling in gofer holes under bushes.

  9. This post is all about Zen and I just found my inner chee with a picture of a knee

  10. Puke…. wait, Scary, what do you look like and what are you wearing?… haha

  11. LOL… you computer nerds crack me up!

  12. I stand corrected.

  13. Um, where’s Mike? Why isn’t he putting in his annoying comments on this post? MIKE ARE YOU OUT THERE???!!! …He must be busy with a copy of the knee picture too.

    • I think his anger management therapist told him to stop coming here to read my stuff. Either that or he fell into a hole in San Antonio.

  14. Snow shoveling phobia. He is in corner wrestling with his inner fears (masterbating)

  15. Both answers sound about right.

  16. White Chocalate Says:

    it’s her ass riv.

  17. Ok these comments just went from “creepy” to “REALLY creepy” LOL

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