Monday Hangover

What a rough weekend, by anyone’s standards.

Friday I celebrated Commando’s Birthday at Torinos, and Commando’s  house with a bunch of friends like Towelie, RJ, OCD, #1, and a few more.  It was nice quiet evening just shooting the shit, and drinking. We watched Borat, and Friday, very funny movies that I like alot.  I finished 2/3rds the bottle of whiskey by the end of the night, Commando was a little worried about me, but it takes quite a bit of booze for me to reach my limit. 

Saturday, I was going to do the lone wolf thing, but OCD called me and was looking for something to do. I was reluctant because well chicks usually can’t hang with the River, usually their whining by the end of the night. I’m proud of her she hung tough, and even made it to Olympic Star. I was also mildly surprised that Jackass broke his “On the Wagon” kick. He was supposed to give up drinking for 30 days, he made 2 weeks, and I’m proud of him for doing that long. It was a good night, besides I almost killed OCD, she went to kick me while getting out of my car, I grabbed her leg. She fell. It was funny as hell.

Sunday.. Had a nice lunch with an old friend, and then we went shopping. It’s funny we sound like an old married couple sometimes. Then it was time for the Super Bowl. Went to Jackass’s place to pregame. Torino and Commando showed up, told us about their downtown adventure. The German made an appearance, it was good to see he was still alive.

Torino, and Commando went to another friend’s house. While Jackass and I proceeded to hit the bar.  It was a slow start, but once one of the bouncer won a square, the shots started flowing. There were a couple girls sitting by themselves, I invited them over, and we started doing the shots.  A bouncer we know called Jackass, and me gay. I look at him and go, “It isn’t gay if you don’t look at each other during”  Gee why didn’t I get those girls numbers?  Another old lady was creeping me out, and wanted me to look at her breasts. I was like ah…no…ok one peek.  Then a friend’s brother got into the action, and the shots keep coming. A little bit of a blur, at one point I was dancing, and hugging some older bald guy…I don’t know why. All I know is my poor..poor liver.

Then we went to Teehans, and the usual cast of characters were there. I walked out with pan of roasted potatoes, and some Chicken, then proceeded to Durbins.  Flirted with the bartender there, and had one drink. Then it was time for me to go, and handle things for my Stepdad.

Overall a good time, but I do wish my other friends would have been there, it would have made it better. One thing for certain is I am definitely paying for it today.


2 Responses to “Monday Hangover”

  1. Like you, I am definately paying for the weekend!!! I think Torino and I were both really upset about not closing out football season at JWH with the crew. What were we thinking???!! It sounds like you guys had a blast as per usual. Sorry we missed it! Unitl next season I suppose. Thank you so much for coming out Friday and celebrating my bday with me!! Im one lucky chick to have such awesome friends! I wonder what the weekends will bring with football being over?? Lots more parties coming up in the near future; Ricky Bobby and Torino both turn 30!!! #1′, RJ’s bdays…..OPASSIP (Oak Park Ave South Side Irish Parade) I like Acronyms…? And our all time fav….Carribbean Block Party!!! It’s gonna be crazy!!! So Many Activities!!!!

  2. You already know that I am not like most “chicks” (your word not mine). Haha

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