Here Lies Monsters.

“Monsters are real. Ghosts are real too. They live inside us, and sometimes they win.” – Stephen King

On old world maps when they thought the world was flat, near the edge of the map they would put  and arrow near the edge, and it would say, “Here Lies Monsters”. Someone on Twitter uttered that quote today, and it made me think of my own Monster inside of me.  Monsters have always fascinated me, like the wolfman. The Wolfman has always held a deep fascination for me, because here is a good, caring man that is made to turn into a beast, and sometimes kill that which he loves by no fault of his own.

There is a beast within me, one that use to do things without compassion. I remember when I use to beat someone up, I did not just go to beat them up, I wanted them to suffer, I wanted them to be in pain. I was not happy unless their blood was splattered on my bouncing shirt, and I use to wear that blood with pride. When girls broke up with me, I took cruel delight in causing them emotional pain with my words. I struck to their core with vicious intent.  The beast within me served me well, it guided me through such dark places as prison, where they are all animals, and only the strong survived.

Nowadays I am more civilized, I have no need for the beast, yet I feel him at times stirring within me. . I do not need the beast anymore, but I feel it swell to the front at times, begging me to let it loose. A friend who got robbed, or someone I cared for hurt.  I fear their may come a time, when something may cause me so much pain, that my control of the monster inside me will be let go, and I will destroy everything I worked for.


5 Responses to “Here Lies Monsters.”

  1. If you even feel the need to let that inner beast out, just let me know. I have the perfect person for you to beat to a pulp. I’m just sayin… 🙂

  2. … And his name is Captian “stiff” Winky. Just grab his neck and squeeze. Smack him around a bit

  3. Haha… good one Scary.

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