Mistakes Women Make with Men

As I like to call it, things that aggravate me about women. There are certain things, that drive me nuts about women, especially if your starting a new relationship, these might be deal breakers if were on our first few dates. 

1. Don’t talk about ex’s – I really don’t give a shit about how crappy the last guy treated you, and actually it would make me wonder why you would put up with that shit. Do you have low self esteem, or you that much of a bitch and it drove the guy insane?

2. Clingy- Don’t be, and just relax if things work out then we’ll be spending alot of time together.

3. Answering your cell phone/texting – If someone calls it’s ok to look, make sure it’s not an emergency, but it’s rude to start texting, or calling on our first few dates.

4.Try to interrogate me– I understand you want to know me, but I don’t like to be interrogated….I don’t really know where I was on August 15th.

5. Overthinking my actions – Sigmund Freud once said, “Sometimes a cigar, is just a cigar”  Sometimes there is no motivation behind my actions besides me wanting to do something, there is no big cabal forming a plan against you, or it is not a grand conspiracy to test you.

6. Don’t Test Me or Play Games – Some girls will play little games to try to test us guys, don’t do it. Be honest with your feelings, and what you want it will work out better than trying to manipulating me to get what you want.

7. Talking about yourself too much – When you talk about yourself, it shows that your self centered, and that really is a turn off.

A girl asked me what guys thought of girls that put out on the first date, really?  Well depends on the guy, but most guys like the hunt, the thrill of the chase. Passion is about anticipation, let things build. That’s why third or fourth date is good, but always keep advancing, like definately kiss the first date, little more second.etc.etc.  Once the hunt is over, if we don’t know you that well then there’s nothing there to keep us coming back, but if we know you, and want to spend time with you, and the hunt is over we will come back.  I’m not saying never sleep with each other on the first date, because some of my best friends have great relationships with women who slept with them the first date. I’m just saying if your a girl of quality, don’t you think your worth the wait, and if the man you want to be with is a good guy, he will be willing to wait.


8 Responses to “Mistakes Women Make with Men”

  1. I love this one Riv!! and thank you for adding “some of my best friends have great relationships with women who slept with them the first date” big sigh of relief 🙂 What I would like to add is how these traits will never deliver a postive reaction; no matter how long you’ve been dating. Often times as we settle with our significant others, some of these characteristics will creep up when they weren’t there in the begining. Maybe it has to do with being comfortable; however, I see them more with couples who are merely content in there relationship. Just becuase you’ve been with someone for x amount of time doesn’t mean that it’s ok “now” to begin acting out these annoying traits. That being said, if the relationship is meaningful, whole-hearted and honest; these traits should NEVER emerge. On that note, I would like to add how men are equally capable of displaying these deal-breaking character flaws.

  2. I don’t like when women freak out over little shit. Like when their family is coming over for the day they start freaking out. Why is the house a mess? What will they think? Am I dressed nice enough? Btw don’t ever ever ever ask a man to pick out clothes for you to wear if you are a woman. I’ll give you a hint: we don’t give a shit! Do guys ever ask a woman to puck out their shit? No because it would take 5 hours for them to figure out what we would look best in. We look best naked next to you naked, playing with ur tities.

    • Haha, whenever one of my girlfriends asks me for dressing advice before a date, I always answer “oh, he doesn’t care what you’re wearing. It’s what you’re *not* wearing that he’s looking for.”

      More seriously, though, I find the guys in my life are generally better at picking out women’s clothing than most of the women are. YES, even the very straight non-metrosexual guys who can’t dress themselves. They just seem to have a better eye for what looks good on women than us women do.

  3. krizzlybear Says:

    I don’t date women who do under 2k dps. True story.

  4. 1,2,3 and 7 apply to anyone, really, male or female. I’ve ran into many guys with those bad habits. And I agree, total turnoffs!

  5. I assume that #4 and #7 are when those items are taken to the extreme. Obviously on a date you want to ask questions about the other person, and talk a bit about yourself. I mean shit, that’s why you are there, right? But I can see that when taken to the extreme (when it becomes more than casual conversation) [i.e. So what is your favorite TV show? vs. So, did you like that show because your ex-girlfriend liked it??]

    Thanks for the advice. Between this blog and Cosmo magazine, I’ll snag myself a man in no time. 😀

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