Monday Hangover

Hey Ramblers, Lets get to Rambling.  I woke up this morning, and my lips looked damn sexy I have to say for some reason.

Friday I was a total good boy.

Saturday – I went to Commando’s and Torino’s crib watched some movies with my friends, such as Towelie, RJ, and OCD. OCD wears this most funny hat. She looks like an english nanny. It just cracks me up. Maybe I should call her the Guvner. Like Guvner would you like a spot of tea. We watched Role Models, and Couples Retreat, two decent movies. Oh yea Commando, slept most of the time I was there…good visiting ya. 😛  Anywho she made this awesome Chicken Soup. Good stuff. So I forgive her….sorta.

Sunday- Since I have off today….I was…not so good. #1, and Jackass joined me for a couple of drinks….ok when I mean a couple we went home about 3am. Ok we started off collecting Jackass, and pregamed a few drinks. He said he was ready to go out, he was wearing just some jeans, his girlfriends tiny jean jacket, and no shoes. He looked like a 70’s porn star…gay porn star. I said, “Put a god damn shirt on”…his reply, “Ok but I’m wearing sandals”  I just shook my head, cause it’s the middle of winter.

So we get JWH, were greeted by some bouncers and #1 is there. We did about 10 shots. I tried to swallow a whole orange, for some reason #1 is putting Lip Gloss, and Lip Liner on me and Jackass. Then we hit Teehans for our Irish Car Bomb. Oh I was feeling good then. We followed up by going to Durbins. That’s when Paparazzi joined in. Oh dear, more shots and drinks. Jackass ripped his shirt off, tossed it on me.Then me and #1 hit the Olympic Star. I was astounded a side of Cole Slaw was 3 dollars. I could buy a frickin pound of Cole Slaw for 3 dollars. They gave me a sample…not worth 3 dollars. I am sure there is more, but my memory is a little foggy.

This morning it isn’t the drinking I have to recover from, it’s my sides that need to heal, because I laugh so much when Jackass, and #1 join me. These days the laughs are worth more to me then they know. Thank you.

…ok I have to recover from the booze too.


3 Responses to “Monday Hangover”

  1. You forgot Jackass talking to the two gay guys, not realizing they were gay and telling them they were fags because one of them liked the Cubs… and then he informed them that you were gay because you were a Cubs fan also…shortly after that they disappeared, hmmmm… have no idea why?

    Last night was fun. So much for me going out for one or two beers. What was I thinking?

    Next time I’m bringing my eyeliner out also. I’m going to make you and Jackass look like 80’s hairband members! That would be HAWT!

  2. White Chocalate Says:


  3. I can’t believe we missed the Sunday Extravaganza!! To top it off, I didn’t even go into work yesterday!! WTF. Anyhoo, glad you enjoyed the chicken noodle soup 🙂 BTW Jackass and Paparazzi were pretty much toasted after we left Baily’s at 4pm on Sunday!!!!! I can only imagine them by 11

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