Of Death and Dyeing.

Yesterday we had to say goodbye to a good friends mother. It wasn’t easy for them I’m sure. I am proud of them though, they handle it way better then I would…to be honest when my parents die, I’ll be pretty much really drunk. I got to say I am really proud of RJ, she gave a reading in front of the church. I don’t think I could do that normally, but she did it under duress. Losing our parents is a crucible, most of us will or have gone through. We no longer have the guidance of our parents there, it’s an end of an era of your life. It’s the realization that these people that have been there since we were babies are not immortal, and that one day they will be gone. 

I am thankful that I have friends in my life though that when my time comes to face my crucible that they will be there making me laugh the pain away, and will be an inspiration to get me through. I just pray that I do the same for my friends, that I bring a little light to a dark and somber time in their life.

Speaking of my friends, their pretty funny….I was driving with them, we were in a somber quiet mood. Then we pass a park, #1 utters from the back seat. “I got finger banged in that park over there.” Me and my other friend, I’ll call him Shotty. Cause we do love the Shots. Shotty pretended like we were puking.  #1 also said something about being skinnier, I replied, “Well you can lose the weight, but you can’t lose the ugly”  Yeah we just ripped on each other, and act immature. So much they call our table the Kids table.

Ya know what though, that’s what life is about it’s full of pain, but it’s the laughs, and the friendships we develop that make it worth living.

That said when I die, I don’t think I want a funeral. I told my friends they’ll just get a letter. “River is dead”, and coupon for one free drink at a bar in Tinley Park of their choice.


11 Responses to “Of Death and Dyeing.”

  1. When you die, I don’t want some beer coupon. No, instead, I want all of your Cubs gear. I plan on making a funeral pyre out of it.

    • theerivs Says:

      I’m being buried with it all.

      • Screw that. You should go off in a boat to some faerie land like Frodo and Co. did at the end of Lotr.

      • theerivs Says:

        You would want me to go to Faerie land, wouldn’t ya…glitter boy

      • I don’t know what the fuck that place is called and I don’t really give a rat’s fuck either. I figured that was the most pussy way to die though so it seems to fit you best.

      • theerivs Says:

        A. It’s called the Grey Havens, you non reading mofo.
        B. I would be more like riding off in the sunset, like Shane the cowboy.
        C. I know Glitter boy did not just call me a pussy.

  2. Fast forward that Shane scene and I’m pretty sure you will see his body being eaten by buzzards after his corpse falls off the horse.

    Just because I haven’t read lotr doesn’t mean I don’t read. I read plenty, but they are called textbooks.

    Go get your fuckin’ shine box pussy! lol

  3. STFU River…. when you go, I am dumping you off in some park somewhere… in a bad neighborhood.

    Oh and thanks for posting my special moment of tenderness on your blog… douchbag!

  4. I already got funeral plans for Rivs. I plan on having a parade of red butt baboons flinging shit at the watchers. All the on lookers will get a beer coupon at a bar in Haiti. The moneys will be dragging Rivs through the streets of Gary, Indian to his final resting place… The freeway. So, people can run him over and over and over and….

    But 1 finger will be saved in a jar and that jar will be placed in the park, at the same location #1 got finger banged. The sign on the jar will read, “Try this one out, I heard I have fat fingers.”

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