Rumble at Compusa

So I run into Compusa, I hate the store it’s usually shitty, but I was on my lunch hour, and it’s near Barnes and Noble, where I just finished shopping. I needed a headset for my computer, cause my stepdad rolled over my old one in his wheelchair.  So I get in there, only one register open. So there was a line of a few people, and I was next. Some big oaf, he was bigger then me, butts into line, and goes I have to return something, First I’m stunned, and just look at the customers behind me. I’m like “Did that just happen?”  The guy behind me was like yea.

I tell him, “Hey dude, what the fuck is the problem”  He says, “It only take a minute”  I then look at him, “I don’t give a fuck. it’s called common courtesy” He then goes, “Well I guess I’m the prick here.”  I just stared him down, and  go, “I guess you are. Fucktard.”  As he walked out,  I yell, “Tell that whore mother to teach you some manners!”

I was so peeved, I was hoping he would take a swing, I was so pissed, I would of thrown him out on the window right out onto his mothers car. I was beyond a little agitated, I was full blown River pissed, but after thinking about it how uncool would that be get in a fight at Compusa, and he was probably very early 20’s . Though when I get that angry, someone fucks with doesn’t end up pretty. I’m also pissed at the register guy, I’d be like wait your turn to the customer. I was so angry, I wrote an email to Compusa Customer Service Dept.

I hate Compusa….So now I can’t show my face there, or Baileys.


5 Responses to “Rumble at Compusa”

  1. ummmm… you actually called someone a “fucktard?” You are a LOSER… a Trailer Trash LOSER!!! LOL

  2. The, “Tell that whore of mother to teach you some manners”, is a classic

  3. What was he returning that was so fucking important?

    Maybe he spent rent money on a new pair of bose speakers and if his wife/girlfriend found out he would be a fucktard who’s out on his ass – never to score pussy again.

    You gotta be able to sympathize with that.

    Or he is just an inconsiderate prick that deserved to be called out. Glad you did.

  4. You calling someone a big oaf! lol That has to be the best part of the story.

  5. That would have been perfect time to shit your pants in a Compusa bag and Dutch Oven his ass

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