Sibling Rivalry

My brother and me lived together in some form or another most of our adult lives. He is my best friend, and we have some great times together. We are entirely different, he likes the limelight, I shun it. He likes downtown glitz and glammer, I like dingy dive bars, he like Farina, I think it’s a pile of shit, he likes Krakus Ham, I think he’s a priss. Anywho because we are so different, it’s perhaps why we get along so well. Even though at the time I get pissed off at him, it’s always funny the stuff we been through when i look back.

There’s a lot of funny stories involving me and my brother. He also started me down the long road of corruption…here’s a tale from the earliest time.

When I was in 6th grade, my brother was a freshman. My brother talked me into ditching school with him. We were latch key kids. My Mom and Dad would go to work early, and wouldn’t come home until late. So this was quite doable.  My brother at the time went to Providence High School, a Catholic school. He could miss 4 days, but if he missed 5 he would need a doctors note. So we had a great time, I would fetch us lunch at a local hot dog joint, either Mickeys, or Just Joes. I would ride my bike up there, anyone asked I had a Doctor Appt that day. We wouuld relax, and play video games. Probably one of the best weeks of my young life. My brother was quite the mastermind.

Well come Friday, My parents owned a white hen, and my Mom was feeling ill, so my Dad needed an extra hand and was going to take him out of school to help. Well my brother insisted he go to school….Right there my Dad thought something was up. To not arose any more suspicion my brother went along in hopes of just working it out with the school on Monday.

Well on that Friday, my Mom called in for my brother..My Mom said, “Yes I would like to call in for George Cavelle for today.” The school replied, “Today, what about the rest of the week?” My Mom flipped, called my Dad at the Store, demanded to talk to my brother. My brother knew he was done for. My Mom told my brother, “I know you didn’t do this alone, who did you do it with?” My brother said, “Chris” Now my brother had a friend named Chris. So my Mom starts yelling, “Your friend Chris, I’m calling his parents. Their gonna get a piece of my mind.” My brother quips, “No Mom, Chris Cavelle.”  …..Silence. My Mom says, “I’ll see you when I get home.”…click.

So I get home, happy go lucky….I enter the door. My Mom is sitting at the kitchen table, she asks, “How was school?”  I went, “Oh fine mom. learned lots.” My Mom said, “Really, what about the REST OF THE WEEK.”  I just said Crap to myself.  I start saying it was some sort of mistake. My Mom goes, “Don’t need to lie, I already know the truth, Your brother sold you out.”



3 Responses to “Sibling Rivalry”

  1. haha that’s great! I used to pull that kind of stuff with my sister all of the time. We were both latch key kids also and whenever I wanted to do something bad, I made sure she did it with me just so if I got caught, she’d have to take some of the blame too. Like when my friends and I wanted to drink beer in the garage, I made sure she tried at least a sip or two. Or when we were smoking, I made her have a cigarette also. LOL Sometimes it’s so much fun having a younger sibling! 🙂 Now it scares me a little bit since I have three kids of my own. God only knows what they are doing behind my back…

  2. White Chocalate Says:

    love that story.

  3. Commando Says:

    Hysterical!!! My sister and I have a pact and we’ve held to it now are entire mischevious young lives. Whats beter is all the stuff we did get away with we have told my parents in the last few years as we are now both adults and they laugh about it!!!! But if they knew at the time I let my little sis drive the car at 12 years old they would’ve kicked my ass 🙂 just to name one

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