Monday Hangover

Friday – The Cougar Party as I like to call it. It was a party filled with beautiful cool closing in on middle age chicks. So I wore my “Cougar Bait” shirt.  Here’s the thing about these women I dig, they know how to have a good time. I wish I could fill you in on some of the stuff, but I don’t know if it’s safe for work. This blonde girl that hangs around sometimes, who I am from now going to call V-girl, V for Vagina.  So V-girl was there, The Main Cougar herself, and #1. I think I asked V-girl out to dinner at some point during the night, god I wish I could remember if she said yes or no. Cougar, and V-girl are really cool chicks, it be interesting to get to know them better, then just through facebook, and through our mediator #1.

Speaking of #1, Holy shit did she get drunk. Usually #1 doesn’t have much of a check valve to what she says, but when she’s drunk, there is absolutely nothing she won’t say…or do. At some point, Me, Jackass, and Kid all had our hands in her cleavage. Gotta say not bad. LOL! .Her french toast is still shitty.

I also feel bad, I made out a little with my boy’s jackass ex girlfriend. I was drunk, it just happened. I apologized, he said he was cool with it. It still wasn’t cool with me. Stoopid Whiskey.

Saturday – Was my good friends Talladega’s Bday. Man he turned 30, I remember when I turned 30…ok not really the day, cause I was drunk as a motherfooker. How time just flys by. White Chocalate came out with the Wolf too. I left a little early because 191 though it’s ok, I don’t feel comfortable there, also there was a chick I wanted to see at Teehaans. I admit I have a tall crush on her, we flirt, and stuff. I should ask her out, but it’s not that I’m afraid if she said no, I’m more afraid if she said yes.

Ah my cousin White Chocalate, when we get together it’s like a battle of generosity. He’s a good man, and I am very appreciative of all he does for me. He just cracks me up though. We were at Olympic Star, and as we were walking out, there was a few women in the foyer. WC goes, “Later Bitches”  Holy crap one of the girls snaps, and snaps hard. Yelling and screaming at him. She mentioned a small penis, and hairy ass. WRONG THING TO DO. Yep cousin drops his trousers for a bit of show and tell.  The greatest thing is when she goes, “YOU MOTHERFUCKER CALLED ME A BITCH!” My cousin very calmly said, “I did no such thing, I find the term bitch very offensive.” I almost pissed my pants laughing.

Sunday – I really didn’t do nothing but Jackass called me at 10:30pm with the boys from Teehans yelling at me. He put some of them on the phone, it was funny. I wanted to go out to join them, but I have this thing called a Job. I know it sucks. When I woke up in the morning, I got a call from Jackass at 5:30am. Yeah Jackass was sleeping on his phone.


3 Responses to “Monday Hangover”

  1. White Chocalate Says:

    very offensive that term is.

  2. How did I fail women’s studies? I love bitches!

  3. I don’t remember anyone having their hands on my boobs. Therefore it didn’t happen. I am not that type of girl. …Stoopid Vegas Bombs.

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