Little bit of a funk

To be honest, I’m in a little bit of a funk. My Mom is getting frustrated, and I think losing it a bit. I don’t blame her she feels guilty, and I think she bit off more then she can chew. Seems like she’s not sleeping well, and she just seems really depressed. She hired a nurse for some more evenings. She doesn’t have that kind of money, thats why I moved in. I think she ceased to care, she just needs a break. She says it’s to afford me a life so I can go out, but I told her I don’t give a shit. I signed on for the long haul. Sure having these nurses around gives me more freedom, and I should be thankful, but I worry too much. I see my Mom running out of money, and then scrambling.  Though I am more like my father, where my brother, and mother buy Ruffles..I tend to buy the generic.

There’s no use argueing with my Mom, she’s going to do what she wants to. I was going to argue my point, and tell her not to waste her money, but I am seeing chinks in her armor. So I decided to let it go. I just say “Whatever you think is best mother, and leave it at that.”

It just got me in a bit of funk about the whole situation.  I think I’m gonna take off blogging here for a long weekend, and recharge my creative juices for a bit.

Talk amongst yourselves for a bit.


2 Responses to “Little bit of a funk”

  1. Don’t worry Riv, I’ll take care of the Ramblings in your absence.

    And a preemptive STFU #1!

  2. Riv, I think that your mom just needed a little bit of a break… and even though you want to be there to help, I think you need a little bit of one yourself. Maybe the extra nursing hours are just temporary. Just enough to give you guys a small window to regroup.

    It’s hard enough to take care of someone after a stroke, but when you care about that person, it makes it even harder to deal with. There is nothing wrong with taking a little bit of a breather. I understand your concern about money. I’m sure your mom has thought of that too. Sometimes you have to do things you wish you didn’t have to in order to keep your sanity.

    I remember when my step dad was very sick. My mom took care of him for years. But after awhile it just got to the point to where she couldn’t anymore. His needs were too great and she would find herself lashing out at everyone, including him. Even though it torn her apart, she needed to let the professionals do their job. Once she was able to take a step back for a little bit, she was able to enjoy her time with him, and things weren’t as frustrating anymore.

    You know that if you need anything, I’m here. I’d offer to cook your family dinner, but something tells me that you would never allow that. 😛

    P.S. Mike is a douchebag.

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