Monday Hangover

One word….UGH!

Friday – I went to the Cracker Barrel with my friends Jackass, Snaga, and The German.  I got to say they have great French Toast. After that we went to the liquor store to load up, We got a 2 – 12 packs of beer. I knew I was in for a long day. So I made an internet reservation on Thursday for a tee-time of 10:30am at Odyssey. We get there, I go up to the desk, “Hello my name is Chris Cavelle, I have a tee time today.” The guy behind the desk, “Sorry sir I don’t have you down.”  I start to get haughty, and then I whip out a little piece of paper and say, “Well, this is my web confirmation number!”  I wanted to say, “BAM!” real loud to but I restrained myself.  Then the guy looks at the piece of paper, ” Oh you would have been all set, if it was yesterday” I look at my little piece of paper, sure as shit I messed up, it was for yesterday. My tone changed a bit, “I’m sorry sir, any tee-times for today” with a bright smile.  Anywho we ended up going to Silver Lakes, for my first real time golfing I don’t think I did half bad, had a couple real good shots. I have alot of work, but it was great fun and thats all that mattered.  Then after we all golfed. We hit Hollstiens.

It was 2’oclock and we met Torino, Commando, and Nascar up at the Hollstiens. I drank, and drank, and drank. #1 finally made it up there, she was aggravating me about a great many things, she was being really nosy, trying to hit me in the nuts, taking a lighter to my nutsack. Now by the end of the night, she tried to whack me again, I moved out-of-the-way, and I tittie punched her. She said it was a real hard punch, she deserved it. Other girls though I tend to be a bit of a jerk when I marathon drink…oh well I don’t give a shit. Actually I told Jackass, I was going to be a jerk this whole summer, and push my own limitations. Maybe I’m tired of being Mr. Nice Guy.  Two interesting things happened this night.

1. A cocktail waitress from JWH, went down to Durbins with me. We did a few shots. We danced, and I’m not talking the waltz either.  Then when it was time to do one more, I was like…I better not, she told me quit being a pussy, and grabbed my junk.  I was like ok. Um…ok.

2. A girl I liked showed up, we danced a little, we went across to Teehans got an Irish Carbomb together, she finally ended up at Durbins, after the cocktail waitress left…shew. We ended up going to breakfast, this girl I liked kept asking me why I lost my faith. I was like damn she’s drunk. She asked me to fix her headlight the next morning. I said ok. Little peeved at an old friend, he tried hitting on her at Olympic Star. He was probably drunk so I let it go.

Saturday – I fixed the girls headlight, she took me out to lunch…Yep got the friend speech. Ok on to the next one. So at JWH one of my favorite bands were playing….and 25 dollar all you can drink special. Yeah I got drunk. Then my cousin White Chocolate came out, with Wolf, and Doodlebug. Just a great time seeing those people. We all headed to Durbins, little bit of a blue, cause I was hammered. They all left, I stayed after hours at Durbins. I made a total ass of myself to this bartender. So much so I needed to apologize to her today. I got home around 6am.

Sunday – I did the family thing and rested. I felt a little rough around the edges.


2 Responses to “Monday Hangover”

  1. Have you not realized yet that your over the top behavior and drinking is costing you pussy? Women like a guy who is funny, but they are not going to respect you if you act like a drunken jackass all the time. If they don’t respect you, you aren’t likely to get into their pants let alone find someone for something long term.

  2. So this is the “Asshole River” that you have been bragging about over the last two years while writing this blog? …Yeah, I don’t really like him… Kind of strange that there was another woman doing the same shit to you that night but she didn’t get a tittie punch. Personally I think you were not only aggravated with me, but also with yourself for letting those other two guys cock block you from said girl. That’s just my observation.

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